Hi Friends,
                                              Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.
                                                  There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"
                                       With regards,
                                       Hemen Parekh
                                       27 June 2013

Monday, 30 October 2000


Feature/ Functionality
 1. "It would be a client - server based solution with WEB - ENABLED COMPONENTS, for future expansion and integration, using web - technology"
2. Auto mailing to candidates short listed.
3. Extensive MIS Reports Balance of Payments for each P.O./ Client etc.
Documentation of follow - up for the Balance of payment
MIS reports of the cases handle, advance given, B.O.P./ Receivables etc., client - wise, P.O. Wise, Consultant – wise & Date - wise.
B.O.P. reminder for each client, P.O, documentation on correspondence on follow - up
4. Audit trail
5. Auto - emailing the alerts to the potential candidates about the new requirements. Auto email to candidate once the client selects the CV for a particular assignment.
6. Alerts to the clients on the availability of new CV's as per their requirement.
7. All the correspondence with the client & the candidates.
Logs of who accessed what files when (S / 1)
Integration of server based "call - centre", permitting "access" (as per rights) to monitor order execution process to
·     Consultants (immediately /now)
·     Clients / candidates / Experts / Asso. etc. (Later)
Intranet - Extranet - Internet (Migration)
Auto generation of Shopping Basket Summary (Client/ Consultant/ Branch/ Industry/ Func/ Desi. Level/ Date wise)(F/3)
Follow - up of each / every shopping Basket (F/ 3)

 P.O. Summaries (Just like shop. Basket Summaries) (F/3)
Auto Generation of Invoices
Client/ Value - wise OUTSTANDING statements (F/4)
Automate all communications & Maintain a log   (F/4)
No data should be required to be entered twice (G/1)
Advertised vacancy to be treated as P.O.  (G/1)
All searches (of any type) in OES to start by clicking on a CORPORATE NAME (Which is the ANCHOR Point/ Main  Gate) All entry, only thru CORPORATE name.
Every data/ Field to be linked to a CORPORATE NAME  (G/2)
Determination/ fixation of ACTIVITY STANDARD TIME (AST) before start of an assignment (G/2)
Comparison of ACTUAL ACTIVITY TIME (AAT) with AST & reporting "Variance" (G/2) (Built - in " Consultant - Productivity" measurement for performance evaluation)
In case of "ON - LINE SALE OF RESUMES", the order Execution Module Should
·     Calculate amt. payable by client
·     Automatically send and "offer / quotation" to client.
·     Sent relevant/ concerned resumes to client as soon as concerned consultant (who is handling that shopping Basket) has entered the D/D details in the O/E module.
 "We have also included the Finance Management Module as per your "suggestion"
"we have taken care that the system proposed would cater your future requirements of integration with the web - enabled applications "....." It would be a Client Server based solution with WEB ENABLES COMPONENTS for the future expansions and integration using the web - technology"
Documentation of follow - up for Balance of Payment B.O.P. reminder for each client, P.O, documentation on Correspondence on the follow - up.
    - MIS Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly statistics
           - 3 Dimensions (No. / Time Frame/ Rewards)
           - Interview Feedback from client
           - Order Backlog / Pending Assignment Analysis
           - 10 standard statements.
    - Interview Follow - up
           - Follow - up with our own staff/ candidates/ clients
           - 18 Screens (pop - up) of paperless office
           - Order Execution Master Chart
           - Help Desk & Queries.
           - Shopping Basket as P.O. and follow - up
           - P.O. - Summaries should get generated
           - List of all resumes ever sent to a given client
    - For a given candidate, which are the clients to whom his resume is sent ever
    - Integration of server - based call - centre, permitting access to monitor O/E/ to consultants   (Only)
    - "Pop - Up Screens" thru manual typing
    - Auto email of std. letters/ fax.  
"Annotation" of all incoming/ outgoing Communications (email/ fax/ letter/ phone - call) with "keywords" letter using      a COMMUNICATION WIZARD & creating a chronological "string history" for other Execution follow - up
  Corporate Profiles
      . Data Capture Screen AND
      . Data base structures
must be same, whether offline or online
Editing or Corporate Profiles
     . Offline by consultants
     . Online by concerned "Personnel Manager"
Future integration our order Execution System with
Automatic extraction/ Creation of
     . Phone database
     . Fax database
     . Email database
     . Postal address database
     . Mobile No. database
Incorporation of PIM (Personal Info. Mgmt) Software’s into
 order Execution Module
- Capability to move from "Help Desk/ call - centre
"Fully interactive web based Single Interface"
- Capability to integrate in future IVRS for capture of resumes.
- Follow up/ Reminder (Communication) strategy to cover all modes (viz); phone/ fax/ email/ sms/ wap/ letter
- Online sale of resumes (after online quotation), to be capable of receiving/ accounting payments over internet
- Trigger for "follow - up" reminders what/ who/ when/ whom (Morning Greeting Screen to each Consultant)
- Unique code no. for each CORPORATE.


Tapan - Jayant (Applitech - A'had)
Sudhakar (Applitech - Mumbai
I refer to
. Your email of Oct. 18
. Sudhakar's letter of Oct. 19
(Enclosing 33 pages/ 80 output formats of 'Requirement Catalog')
. Neeraj's letter of Oct. 20
. Our telecom of Oct. 25th
We were closed for 4 days for Diwali & re-opened today - hence the delay in responding. To answer Neeraj's letter, I will need to talk to Mr. Nagle/ Mr. Cyril. Cyril is in Dubai & expected back by this weekend. When I received your 80 output formats, I found that these were not grouped logically, so I spent some time “re - grouping" these as follows.
Group 1
 Shopping Basket     (18-19-20-21-22-23-24-25)
 Inquiry          (55-56-57-58-59-60-61-62-76-77)
Group 2
Proposal         (26)
Sales Order                  (27, 28, 33)
Pending Orders        (7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-80)
Group 3
Resumes         (5, 6, 30, 36)
Interviews                    (4, 31, 78, 79)
Follow - up                   (1, 34, 35, 39)
Advertising                   (29, 40, 41)
Group 4
Invoice            (32, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67)
Compensation          (2, 3, 38)
Customer Outstanding      ( ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?)
Group 5
Client List                 (51, 52, 53, 54)
Janam Kundle (Client)         (37, 42)
Janam Kundli (Candidate)    (43, 68)
Group 6
Executives placed       (44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50)
Analysis of Order Executed(69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75)
To view all related formats at one glance, I cut these out and posted on large sheets. So, broadly speaking, there are 6 groups and 16 topics/ subjects covered by these 6 groups. Total no. of statements (viz : 80), in reality are only 16 Statements. It is because of "re - arrangement" of fields (Industry wise/ Function wise/ Desig. Level wise/ Branch wise/ Consultant - wise/ Period wise etc. etc.), that the total no. gets inflated.
Once immediate observations :
I do not find any statement on "Customer Outstanding" / "Balance of Payments" (in several different ways).These are an ABSOLUTE MUST. These are already covered in
. your first proposal dt Aug. 21
. Your second proposal dt. Sept. 12
. Our meeting on spet. 1
. My mail dt. sept. 20
Please cover these under Group 4 & let me see the formats.
Another Observations:
 It is quite likely that each future/ functionality covered by order Execution module, does NOT have an "output statement" (need not have one). But we must have a clear, prior, written, understanding whether or not a given feature/ functionality will be incorporated in order Execution system. I request you to carefully go thru these pages and enter your comments in the last column - then return a photo -   copy for our study. Or we could fill - up this column jointly during your next visit (When?)
cc: Mr. Nagle
cc: Nirmit



Sunday, 29 October 2000


. Industry wise 
. Date wise
. Function wise
. Billing Amount wise
. Desig. Level wise (Descending order)
. Client wise   
. Overall
To send - out promotional letters to chiefs of any given Industry (Names of executives appointed must be hidden; also letter must not be sent to that very company from whom we had pinched that executive! Then promotions will boomrang!!)
 To help in "Advertising - matter" (to bolster our "claims"!)
To approach/ Write to these very executive whom we appointed anywhere/ anytime) for
       . Recommending someone
       . Giving us "Business" from his new Company/ Employer
 . Analysis of all orders executed during just - completed year/ Quarter/ Months
. Who was our biggest / smallest client (in terms of order - value) ? Descending order of value wise.
. A - B - C analysis of clients Vs - order values (accumulative)
. Where are most orders coming from? (Ind/ Func/ Desig/ Region wise). Where should we focus our efforts?
. Are we putting all (or too many) of our eggs in one basket? Is our business too heavily dependent on one/ few clients (Industries / regions?
. Is there a need for "diversifying" / spreading - out evenly?
. Which are the "SUNRISE" / "SUNSET" industries?
. Do we need to open additional offers? where?
. Should we "donate" a Video - conf. facility to a client who, for example, gave us Rs. 50 lakh business, last year?
. Which (Company's) interviews did he attend? which he did not? What are the type of jobs/ companies that he "prefers"?
. What functions/ desig. levels / posting cities he is interested in? (from interviews attended so far).
. For what kind of jobs / companies, he should NOT be approached? Regrets
. What are his MOBILITY limitations - in terms of wife's job / Children's edu./ family's health / parental obligations?
. Is he a job - jumper? How often?
. Does he accept job - offers, then fail to join? Unreliable!
. What do "antecedent checks" reveal about him?
. All  the companies to whom we ever sent his resume? When? Against which position / vacancy/ Purchase order? What was the outcome in each case?
. Did he/she ever get appointed thru us? If so, where? when? as what? at what salary? Did we collect our fees?
. Is this client giving us regular / profitable business thru repeat orders?
. Should we develop specific POLICY/ PROCEDURE in dealing with this client? What should that be?