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                                              Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.
                                                  There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"
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                                       Hemen Parekh
                                       27 June 2013

Thursday, 31 March 1994



 When the business volume grows there could be as many as 15 / 20 executives being interviewed daily.
For organizing these interviews, any number of clients would be phoning us daily.
We need to able the client (or he need to tell us on his own).
    . Whom (Exe. Code No. or in rare cases "Name") he wants to interview
    . On what date / day / Time
Most client will Stop here !
We must question and find out
    . For what position / designation/
    . For what posting location.
    . Venue of the interview.
    . Person whom he has to meet.
    . Type of reimbursement (Train/ Air etc)
I expect the Marketing manager to enter this information on the Screen, even as he listens to the client.
In course of time, a Telephone Operator (with a head phone) should be able to do this. We may call such a person, a "Marketing Assistant", instead of calling a Telephone Operator - Since, in reality they are expected to do much more.
 As soon as this SCREEN has been entered into, the SYSTEM should takeover and automatically.
Send out recorded message. to candidate's resi. Phone (taken from the database). It will instruct/ request the candidate (or the person who has lifted the receiver) to phone - back.
Mr./ Ms _________
Marketing Asst. - 3P Consultants
On Phone No . _________
and CONFIRM whether he / she will attend the interview as requested.
When the candidate phones back, the Marketing Asst. Opens the screen and records his confirmation / regret 9with reason for regret or alternate date requested etc).
Thereafter, MA phones up client and conveys the answer of the candidate and Simultaneously enters into the SCREEN that he has done so (in the FOLLOW - UP section of the screen)
If the candidate does not have Residential phone no (and we do NOT want the VOICE - MAIL to call him up at his office phone no. !),
MA (Marketing  Assistant) shall  instruct the system to Print/ Send - out a telegram/ courier letter as he wishes
    Send - Telegram
               Courier Letter
System will have a standing - instruction to send all communications to all candidates at their     RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS ONLY
In 10 years from today, most executives will have either e - mail or fax at their residence. Then the problem will be much simpler. If the client has a e - mail or a fax at his office (which is much more likely within next 2 years), the SYSTEM could be programmed to send - out candidate's confirmation to the client automatically.
After the interviews are over, the next day, the MM (Marktg. Mgr.) will personally phone - up (not leave to MA) the client and
    . Obtain client feedback
    . Enter into screen
He will also phone - up all the candidates and obtain their perception of how the interview went.
This will either
    . Re in force what client says
    . Contradict what client says
May be the Screen should have one more column
 "What Next ?"
Where MM could enter his remarks such has
   1. Follow - up on ________
    2. Send additional bio - data's
    3. Arrange further interviews.
                     - With same candidate
                     - Other candidates
           4. Forget & close the chapter (send regret letter to client / to candidate) etc. etc.