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                                       27 June 2013

Thursday, 27 August 1998


Cyril/ Yogesh
Module #1 requires creation of a Corporate Database.
What you have envisaged is
       . Name of the company
       . Address of the company (HO - Braches)
       . Phone of the company
You have provided facility to create this database as a part of creation of EXECUTIVE DATABASE.
This would happen when operator does "drag & drop" of company name/ address from a scanned Resume.
The rate of building up the CORPORATE DATABASE would depend upon the rate of scanning locking Executive Resumes creating EXECUTIVE DATABASE.
This is going to take months!
On the other hand, we can create the CORPORATE DATABASE, Separately,
Independently, from sources other than candidate - resumes and quite FAST!
If we succeed in creating such a corporate Database in "advance", it would also save sometime in the creation of Executive Database, since the "Drag - crop" of company Name/ Address" is no more required to be carried out.
In order to create CORPORATE DATABASE in advance, we have subcontracted this job to our neighbor DELTA. We have given them a book which contains names/ addresses of approx 10,000 public limited companies listed on Bombay Stock Exchange.
HHP3 (40000 executives current & past employers
Job - Advts. Uploaded on web (12000+)
Picked from various directories (10,000 +)
    . Explore India CD
    . CII Floppy
    . KOMPASS Directory   (200,000 + names only)
Most of these contain
    . Company Name
    . Company Address
We must find a simple method to integrate / consolidate this entire disparate database into one, single     comprehensive database. While doing so,
    . We must eliminate "duplicate" entries
    . We must distinguish between HO / HQ/ Registered Offices
    . Branch office
    . Regional Office
    . Plants (Factory)
 And enter these addresses appropriately.
We should create a COMPREHENSIVE DATABASE STRUCTURE (DESIGN), now itself, so that we may, immediately transfer to this MASTER DATABASE, the names/ addresses right now.
 Over next few months, go on
Incrementally adding the remaining data about each company as when we can lay our hand on it. In the next 4 pages, I enclose what the CORPORATE JANAM - KUNDLI should look like.
No matter what the "source", we should be able to SCAN / OCR & "drag - drop" the relevant data into the concerned "Fields".
 If you could so organize that the data being captured (whether keyboard entry or drag & drop), gets instantly "encrypted", then I could even subcontract this work to outside parties. 
I would highly appreciate if corporate data - capture is incorporated in MODUL #2 (order execution), for which I hope, you will submit for our consideration
Lates by 31st Aug.When we meet to install executive data - capture of module #1