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                                       27 June 2013

Thursday, 27 December 2007


Shalaka - Punam – Alex

What could be long form benefit of developing and freely distributing.

    . Resume Sorter .......... to HR mgrs

    . Match Maker ........... to Jobseekers

    One obvious use would be to offer (on India Recruiter), FUNCTIN/ SKILL wise

    . Resume Search .... to HR mgrs

    . Job Search ....... to jobseekers

    If , we succeed in extracting

    . Company Name / email ID

    . Posting Date,

    Then these "Searches" could be "refined" accordingly.
    And, since search - results are according to descedning order to Raw scores, the best records arc at Top.

    Of course, such a resume - search will only yield plain text resumes !

    And in such a job - search, we may not be able to provide "Apply Online" feature !

    Hence question may arise, if HR Mgrs and jobseekers would find this useful !

    Another use of the "Harvested & Raw - Scored", resumes and job - advts, could be to enable

    . HR Mgrs to look - up the BEST (top - scored) job - advts for any given function/ skill - then use that as a HELP to  write / construct their own job advts i.e. using BEST advts (for any function / skill) as a BENCHMARK / DEAL

    . Jobseekers to look - up BEST (Top - Scored) resumes for any given functional / skill - then use that as a help to  recruite their own text resume.

Hemen Parekh