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27 June 2013

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Monday, 27 February 2023

India Recruiter


         Corporate Subscribers

Ø  Job Advts History

With Apply Online History for each job advt.

Ø  GuruAd

Ø  Job Advt Broadcasting (JAB)

Ø  Resume Alert Mobile   (RAM)

Ø  Resume Alert Broadcast (RAB)

Ø  Resume Search History

(to develop recommendations)

Ø  Keyword Analysis (frequency distribution)


Resume belonging to each “Skill” (to develop “Skill Profile Graphs”)






“Communicating For Productivity”

You may recall that we had uploaded these circulars on 3pjobs.com (softcopies were prepared by Chavlin). These circulars were issued by me to 7500 employees at  L&T (Powai) when I was GM (Powai).

Today I spoke to Punita Malhotra (Editor – Human  Capital) re=these circulars and whether she would be interested to publish these in here magazine. She seemed interested in and asked me to email to her, 4/5 articles in order to decide.

If she agrees to print-and, at bottom of each circular, prints

                                                Author  =             H.C. Parekh



then, it could give us a lot of free publicity. Then, if these circulars get onto www.humancapital-online.com (archives), we may get even more milage !

Can you please find these circulars from Hard Disk ? some are archived on (web.archieve.org) as sown on attached page.



Communicating with Management                          ð            68

Communicating with Union Leaders                        ð            O ?

Communicating with workers                                     ð            86

Communicating with Govt                                            ð            O ?




3PNTsite/cfp/A word about this.htm





                                                                                “Resume Flash Service”


Those placement agencies who register (online) for this service, receive by email everyday 120-150 resumes – FREE, either as

-        Indi dual emails, or as

-        One summary mail (facility to download in word/Txt format)

We can register

·         3P Consultants

·         Strategic HR

·         Recruitguru

·         3P Executive Search (?)                                          we had registered these some time back.

·         3P Management Services (?)                               check with Ashutosh


If you do, you could get 600/700 resumes every – hopefully with email IDs.  & auto send them email to come & register on IndiaRecruiter.



Ø  I had mentioned this earlier

Ø  Visited this homepage today (onepage website)

Ø  Brilliant idea – which clicked (not all do).

Ø  What can we learn from this idea ?

e.g.         On global recruiter, can we create “a page”, where we host logos of (say) 5000 TOP INDIAN          job  advertising companies (colourful logos), with each logo, when clicked, takes the visitor            to the homepage of that company’s website ? Each logo a hyperlink. Homepages of most               jobsites do show 15/50 Logos of “Featured” Employers. But none has 5000 logos !

                Such a page could be hosted on “Jobseeker” side.

We have already accumulated names of 49300 companies (form 5/6 lakh job-advts).

You have to arrange these Co. Names in the ”descending order of the job-advt posted” so far.

Of course, then, we have to remove all those companies, which do not have own websites.


We also have to remove those companies which do not have logos !




What makes any job portal look “Glamorous” ?

Practically every jobsite worth its name, flaunts (parades/displays) 2 thigs on its homepage:

# 1

        A huge list of names of job-advertisers – running into hundreds, at times

        Each name clickable. When clicked all jobs of that company are neatly tabulated (short summary)

        In turn, in this tabulation, one can click on the “Position” and see the full advt.


# 2

        Logos & more colourful logos – may be 20/30 logos.

        Each logo is also clickable.

        When clicked, it displays the same short-summary tabulation described above.

        Only this morning, we talked about “Searching jobs by Company Name” – and you said we will incorporate it soon.

        Of course, these features can be incorporated only in IndiaRecruiter (neither on Global Recruiter nor on WWS).

        But we should do this, keeping in mind that the homepage must not look crowded/congested. This is the problem with Naukri- as also with Clickjobs.com  (which I am right no surfing)

        I am sure you will find a clever way to do this


Ø  Incidentally, Clickjobs.com, on its homepage, has a button called “Live Help” – worth checking out’.

Ø  On Clickjobs.com you cannot enter the job code (available in Free Press yesterday) to see full job advt.





                                                                Leveraging  timesjobs.com

                                                                to our advantage

We cannot forget that one of our biggest problem has been,

“which company belongs to which Industry ? “

Unless this issue gets resolved, job searching by “Industry” drop list (on India Recruiter) was impossible.


A solution sems to in sight !


This morning while job searching on timesjobs.com, I found short-display (job summary) in following manner

Job Summary

Company Details






















Exactly what we need !












And since this info. is based on what that company, itself has entered  (about itself), while “Post Job”, this data is perfect/absolutely reliable.


All we need to do is to find a spider which can download this info.

Srl. No.

Company Name

Industry (timesjobs)

Industry (Global Recruiter







We can do one more thing while downloading:

Srl No.

Company Name

(in timesjobs)

Company Name

(wwj 49300 advt. download

E-mail ID










Text Box: If correct “match” found it is the SAME companyText Box: MAPPING



In which case email ID (in our daily downloads) has to be the SAME for both records !

This will solve our problem that timesjob are NOT displaying email ID of job advertisers and therefore, downloading of job advts from timesjobs is no use !




Ø  Yahoo Story                (P=9)

Ø  Naukri Story               (P=10) reverse


Ø  Yahoo Story


You may want to update yourself on Yahoo’s

                                                                                        Myweb 2.0

(based on Flicker technology).


In my notes (Co-creation of Value) I have listed a few examples of how we can capture the knowledge/wisdom of HR Manager/Jobseekers – in order to stay, far for ahead of competition.


Ø  Nakuri Story

It always helps to know how you competitor’s mind works.

So, whatever Bhikchandani is “thinking” of, must always interest us !

Right now, he thinking

Ø  “to put out all his 80,000 jobs ads on aggregators such as Google and Yahoo (this will give his clients, a large response level).

Ø  “his search algorithm will be a lot more robust than the single box searches of the us.

( In the last year itself, Naukri changed its search algorithm 20 times to take into account  changing needs of the client base)

Ø  He admires Google Consumer Surplus Model

With such thinking and an expected revenue of Rs. 90 Crores + a staff of 775 – Naukri is our FORMIDABLE opponent !

But, long time back, we concluded that, we cannot take on Naukri/Monster/timesjobs, on their turf, following their rules !

So, we have gone about creating for ourselves an altogether different “Category” within online recruitment marketplace, where we are the ONLY (single) Player -where we have no competition.

That is


And we are trying to publicise/brand WWJ thru JAS – without spending a rupee.

Even if Monster/Naukri/timesjobs notice WWJ, they are unlikely ditch/jettison their existing business-model and revenue model in order to compete with us. Chances are that, for a long time to  come, they will consider us “insignificant’ (-which would be good for WWJ)

But the moment they feel threatened, they will try their best to see that we cannot download their job-advt (at least not easily).

To be prepared for such a situation,

Ø  We are about to launch Global Recruiter

Ø  We need download job-advts from as many other jobsites as possible

(including jobsites from USA-UK-Canada- Australia etc.


Before Bhikchandani succeeds in persuading Google (to partner with him),we must convince Google that it is best for them to tie-up with us.

“Whereas Naukri can give Google 80000 job, posted on Naukri only, we will/must give Google 8 million jobs – and posted on a large no. of jobsites-Indian & foreign !


From Aug till 14th Dec (i.e. 4½ months) we have downloaded 214,2227 advts. If we take all from the day we started, this fig could be 500,000 !

Before Naukri offers to Google 80,000, shall we offer Google 500,000 ?


Of course, Naukri will claim that their  80,000 are “CURRENT/LIVE’ ads whereas our 500, 000 are “OBSOLEE/DEAD” !


But Bhikchadani seems to think that, even in case of Job Advt (i.e. classifieds, in American terminology), Google will continue with a “Single Box Search” (Single search bar – as for any keyword based search today on all search engines).


I agree with him that should Google continue with a “Single Search Box” even in case of Job Advts., is smart enough to know that.

If Google decides to make available “Job Search”, it will be database search (involving multiple/simultaneous Search Criteria) – and not a mere

Listing of “Webpage links”. Even in its current model (Single Search box), Google knows that, returning 5 million results on 50,000 pages is STUPID ! – No one goes beyond 2/3 pages !

This aspect is brough out again and again, in the book “Search”, which I gave you.

And if Yahoo is working on giving a searcher, just 50 “highly relevant” resulta (instead of 5 millin) – then you can rest assure that Google will want to do the same – and much earlier than yahoo !

And, our job is to convince Ashish Kashyap that, if, in respect of Job-Search, Google India pioneers, multi-box search, giving few but far more relevant search-results, then he (Ashish) may well become a ‘hero” amongst Google Staffers ! For the rest of the Google Worldwide, he would have taken a lead!

Somewhere in the article, Sanjeev justifies giving to Google, his 80000 job-advts, by saying,

                “this will give his client a larger response level”

How ?

If he thinks that Google India will continue with a “Single Box Search” in case of jobs, the his 80000 jobs, will throw-up 2000 results, if someone types (in single box) “Java” !

Does he really believe that a jobseeker will painstakingly go thru 2000 results so that he can click “Apply online” against 20 ? If not, then, how are his client (Corporate advertisers) likely to get “a larger response level” ? very doubtful.


And, unless, Naukri finds a way to upload its 5 million resumes as well, on Google-Server, how can a job seeker click “Apply Online” ? Unless this message gets passed-onto Naukri’s server along with

ð  Jobseeker’s ID  ( PEN)

ð  Advertiser ID/Job code No.

On the other hand, if Google India becomes a “partner” of Global Recruiter, not only the integration a matter of hours but Google has no need to worry about databases/servicing of jobseekers or Corporates !

As far as Yahoo India is concerned, it may not consider Naukri’s offer favourably because of its tieup with timesjobs.  Therefore,  we can expect Naukri to market itself aggressively with Google.

But, for us to come out ahead in this race we need to upload 100,000 jobs on global Recruiter – and fast !




I think, sometime back, I made a suggestion that, as soon as a jobseeker submit his resume & fills up his “job-preferences” and submits,

We deliver on his mobile 5 job-alert SMS within 60 seconds !

Since WWJ does not have a regular/typical job search feature -line all other jobsites, my suggestion has a merit, in that

Ø  Registering jobseeker gets assured that WWJ, actually does have a large database of fresh job-advts

Ø  He is convinced that our “Match-making” software does actually work & give relevant results

Ø  Our tie-up with Airtel/MTNL is for “REAL” (as claimed by us) and that the “delivery” does take place on his handset, as promised and that he can look forward a regular daily delivery from next day.

A message should flash on his PC screen (as soon as he clicks “Submit”, as follows:


Dear Jobseeker

Ø  Thank you for registering

Ø  In the next 60 seconds, you will receive, on your mobile, 5 JAM alerts.

Ø  These are job downloaded form various jobsites 2 days back.

Ø  Check these SMS alerts against your job preferences – then, if need be, edit your job-preferences

(To edit, you need to log-in with your user ID/Password)

Ø  These first 5 JAM SMS is only a demo

Your regular service, starting tomorrow, can only be activated after you send SMS

JAM SUB on [short code of  your Mobile Service Provider]


Alternatively, can we show him these 5 Demo alert SMS on his PC screen, immediately ?



If we succeed – and we will – in uploading 50,000 job advts today, then “JOB ADVT.  DATABASE” will cease to be a problem.

50,000 job are good enough for all kinds of candidates to conduct “Job-Searches” – and get good results.

If they get “good/relevant” results, they would also feel like “Apply online”. That would prompt them to “submit Resumes” (without which, they cannot “apply online”).

So, e must motivate jobseekers to visit India Recruiter and conduct job-searches.

But to get this message across to the jobseekers, we need their email IDs.

We can try following

Ø  Send a short email message to 22 Lakh email IDs database which we have

Ø  Buy some more email ID databases (of individuals)

Ø  Step up downloading of resumes and extraction of email IDs from Monster/Naukri/JobsAhead.

Rajeev’s software was successful in downloading over 10,000 resumes per day. This was subsequently scaled-down to 1000 per day , in order not to arouse suspicions of the webmasters.

Can we find a clever methos to download 20,000/day without arousing suspicion ?


Ø  3P’s own resume database

During Diwali holidays, we extracted 23000 email IDs in 6 days (i.e. 4000/day)

Can this rate be stepped-up to 40,000 per day ?

By using all 30 computers from 6 pm till 8 am ?

If we can, then, within 10/15 days, we could extract all.

If we succeed, I realise that the problem will simply shift to

ð  Clever method to send-out 40,000 / 100,000 email EVERY SINGLE day, without getting rejected / bounced by servers of Yahoo/Rediff etc,.















































Very useful info at


Ø  http://search.msn.com/docs/sitewoner





Ø  http://www.mygooglepagerank.com/pagerank.php



Google Page Rank








(Some “warning” too !




Ø  Bulk SMS ð                 www.telecomstrade.com




(I have their business card)



Ø  Google Site Maps


These are FREE

These are meant to

ð  Improve better indexing by Google Spider

ð  Increase our site visibility

ð  Increase traffic to our site


These can be created very quickly


Let us do for all of our websites.


You will find detailed instructions at,


Ø  www.google.com/webmasters/sitemaps/login


Ø  Can we also benefit by adding our WWJ-GR-IR sites to

“Google Mobile Index” ?

(read last of FAQ at


ð  google.co.in/mobile/faq.html#using3

ð  google.co.in/mobile/faq.html#services5

ð  google.co.in/mobile/partner.html


ð  http:destop.google.com?developer.html


FAQ:      Why provide an API for Google Desktop ?


Ans:       “Finally our API lets developers embed Google Desktop search into their own applications, bringing fast and convenient search to their users”


                The Google desktop SDK provides documentation and sample code for using the Google Desktop  APIs (via COM and HTTP/XML)


Ø  You may also wish to look at “site-flavored Google Search (Beta”) at,

ð  www.google.com/services/siteflavored.html







Harnessing Google


Quite sometime back, I had sent a note, which contained following idea:-


When a HR Manager is interviewing a candidate, often, he runs out of topics/subjects on which to ask questions to that candidate ! (very common occurrence).


Then again, those questions have to be on related subjects/topics – related to what the candidate claims to be his area of knowledge -skills – expertise.


Now suppose, we develop a clever software tool, whereby, when a HR Manager moves the cursor (Mouse-over ?) on any particular word in the resume (online, of course), a box pops-up, containing a SET of related words. With the help of these words, he can now probe the candidate deeper.


In V.2 of this tool, instead of mere “words”, we can have even full “question” pop-up !


To create a SET of RELATED words, for thousand of words contained in resumes, was a project beyond our resources even  beyond resources of a very large company. So we did not pursue this excellent idea- and idea, which, at one stroke, would set us apart (differentiate) from the likes of Monster/Naukri etc.


But, now, there could be solutions !

On Google, look at “Google Sets”.


It does exactly what we want ! Give it one word,  and it  displays  5/10/20 “related” words       (-sometime unrelated too).


I believe Google manage to come up with this SET of related words, based on billions of “Search-Queries” it must have accumulated in its Data Warehouse till today. I, obviously, would not know the algorithm used by Google but one thing is certain.


Google could not have asked 10,000 engineers to sit down and write down 100 related words for 100 million words.


Google believes in harvesting the knowledge of its millions of daily visitors, conducting billions of searches everyday.


Like Rheingold (“smart Mobs”), Google believes in harnessing the power of millions of its visitors to somehow come-up with a “CONSENSUS” answer, which is, Statistically “correct”. (Like Audience Poll” of Kaun Banega Crorepati). Again and again, it is proved that the majority is right in a Audience Poll.


In the past, you/Vikram constructed “Harvester”  where Google is working in the background -quietly and without anyone knowing. (one day we must have an “Online” version of harvester on Global Recruiter -  for employers to headhunt Executive Names and hen forward the list to their favourite Head-hunter for an offline ”Search Mandate”)


In much the same way, we should “mash”  “Google Sets” into our Global sets” into our Global Recruiter, for following purposes:


Ø  To find and pop-up “related” words, when a HR Manage moves cursor (or clicks) on any word in the ONLINE resume.


In itself , this feature will attract corporate HR Managers to patronise our partner websites.


Ø  To use “Google Sets” to automatically re-compute” (at predetermined intervals-and may be offline), the probabilities of occurrence of keywords, belonging to each of our 29 functions.


In the enclosed flow diagram, I have shown how this can be done.


You will recall that, originally, when we wanted to plot “Function Profile” graphs, you-Inder Kartaya had to manually select some 30/50 keywords for each “functions” – then plug in their probabilities, into the software.


I believe, we had also devised a mechanism where by these “Probabilities” can get re-computed/updated at set intervals, based on addition/arrival of  new resumes, during the interval.


But since we shut down Recruitguru, we did not get a chance to activate this AUTO-UPDATE mechanism.


Although, we have no intention to immediate (in near future), add the Function Profile Graphs in Global Recruiter, the idea of AUTO-UPDATE of probabilities has merits



One such “merit” is described in step # 6 on enclosed chart, viz


Knowledge Profile


Related Words






















ISO 9000















Taken from    Rajeev’s profile on WWJ


Now, if these words were to be entered into Google Sets, we may come-up with 500 other -related words.


Out of these, those which are most frequently occurring 9highet probabilities), can be shown in the adjoining box.


Now, after looking at the POP-UP Box, if the candidate finds that there are a few which are relevant to his knowledge Profile, he would simply “Copy Paste” And everytime this happens, we are continuously refining the “KNOWLDEGE-BASE”, automatically too !


What I have described in enclosed  FLOW-CHART, applies to “Future Arrivals” of resumes thru GR/IR, where, a candidate has himself identified as belonging to function x/y/z.


Hence resumes are automatically getting sorted by FUNCTIONS. So, preparing function-wise “SUBSETS” (for indexing/processing) is easy.


But, on the other hand, we have accumulated 5/6 Lakh text resumes in our database over last 15 years.


Out of thee, you are trying to upload GR?IR, 1.18.000 (approx.), which, at onetime, you had extracted using GuruMine.


(-hence, presumably, we known their (Func”).


That still leaves out a large no.


Even though, we may not be able to upload these balance 4/5 lakhs, we could still use these, to our benefit, as follows:


Using Google Desktop, et us index these 4/5 lakh. Then remove garbage words. You may still be left with 100,000 meaningful  words.


One-by-one, enter each of these words into “Google Sets” (-of Course, automated process), and, find, on -an-average, (Say) if other words.


That gives you 1 lakh x 15 = 15 lakh words.

Many would be repeated & many times.


Calculate “Frequency of Occurrence”

(Probablities) & arrange in descending order.



Text Box: Now upload top 10,000 on GR/IR.
Not visible/accessible to  either jobseekers or employer
accessible to “Search Engines” for indexing by their “relevance.
But, since, we have already indexed these by Google’s OWN RELEVANCE CRITERIA, GR/IR, are bound to come up TOPMOST, on the organic side of search results on any of these words ! 












cc: Vikram           cc: Rahul




See enclosed tabulation. Have I missed out any other “method” of applying ? Of Course, all cases will require that the candidate concerned  has first submitted/posted his resume on one of the partner websites. If not, a message will flash:


Dear Jobseeker


Thank you for wanting to use our Resume Forwarding Service (Apply Online). We would be happy to serve you – but we can’t find your resume in our database ! to submit your resume, click on REGISTER.






Irrespective of the case/method/instance, (i.e. in all cases), only ImageBuilder Version, with Functino Profile Graphs, must be forwarded to concerned advertiser or Placement Agency (in case of Resume Blast). We may attach plain text resume-in addition to ImageBuilder.


Do you see any problem ?


One important rule:

In “Submit Resume” form, under “Personal Information” bloc, a jobseeker first fills in some 13/14 fields about himself.


Then,  at the bottom, he custs/pastes his plain text resume and clicks


Text Box: Extract Knowledge Profile.



I presume, at this point GuruMine will kick-in and process the text resume and extract 23 fields.


These are SAME fields, as in “Personal Info” block !


But, obviously, field-value entered by candidate himself in the “Personal Info”, block, are accurate/correct/latest-uptodate


Whereas, GuruMine may

ð  Fail to extract a value

ð  Extract a WRONG Value


But, we cannot make manual/Visual comparison ! Impossible.


So, the safest thing to do, would be to


Ø  take “Correct” value form “Personal Info” block.


Ø  insert these in ImageBuilder-ignoring the value extracted my GuruMine !

“Behind the Scene” manipulation).


As far as the candidate is concerned, he will amazed at the “accuracy” with which GuruMine has succeeded in extracting Value from his plain/text resume !


Of course, his focus, at this moment, will be on


Ø  Keywords extracted

Ø  Function Profile Graphs generated


If this “Substitution/replacement” of value in ImageBuilder is done properly, then there will be not need for candidate to EDIT the ImageBuilder.


And when a Employer receive a ImageBuidler (along with original text resume), he has, of course, no means to know/figure-out, how exactly GuruMine managed to achieve such great “accuracy” !




Next, we must have a button on “Submit Resume” form which reads

Text Box: Download Your ImageBuidler




Obviously, this would require showing/displaying the ImageBuilder to the candidate and, at the bottom, flashing a message


Obviously, this would require showing/displaying the ImageBuilder to the candidate and, at the bottom, flashing a message


Dear Jobseeker


Every time you “Apply Online”, along with our text resume, we will also forward to the Employer/Advertiser, your ImageBuilder. So, before downloading, please ensure that there are no mistakes/missing data in ImageBuilder. Edit, where required.











-          Can you “Apply Online”


-          Can you “Apply Online”


Conduct a “JobSearch” and find a good job on any  partner website (conventional/Archival/Benchmark etc.

Click on “Apply” button/ link


Receive a “Job Alert” E-mail

Click on “Apply” link


Receive a JAM SMS on Mobile

(Job Alert Mobile)


Send SMS

JAM<Job Code>short code of your mobile service provider


                Airtel                     ð 646

                Reliance               ð 258

                MTNL                    ð 2580



Receive a JAB SMS on Mobile (Job Alert Broadcast) – all throughout day, as soon as a matching job gets posted anywhere


When you find a good job advt anywhere (eg: Newspaper/tV/Magazines/online on any jobsite/any

Corporate website/any job alert email received from any jobsite/Job Advt emailed by a friends etc.

Use “Resume Courier” feature of any Partner website. Enter

Company Name


Advertiser’s Email ID

Then click on  SUBMIT button.

(you can enter 10 job details at a time)



Online “Resume Blast” (to 700 placement Agencies) from any partner website  of Global Recruiter

Just selectþ Agencies to whom you want us to forward your resume and click on              “ APPLY” button





cc: Vikram           cc: Rahul



Round The Clock


We need to rest at night but computers don’t In fact all computers hosting websites work round the clock  24x365


This (running computers round-the-clock) becomes even more critical for companies who are fund-starved and who cannot afford to let their important resources to remain idle -even at night.


So, even offline business must find way-and-means to utilize their computing resources at night, dong things and running processes which do not require human attention/intervention.


Soo in our Reliance Server will get busy attending to the instructions/commands of Victors to WWJ-GR-IR etc. etc. These servers must be kept “free” only for that purpose. Whatever else they are doing-and which can be done offline, must be transferred to our local machines. And local machines can work at night


What can local m/cs do at night?

Ø  Download job advts

-          besides Naukri, we need to start downloading form Monster/JobAhead & timesjobs/Ciol/ Jobstreet etc.


Ø  Download resumes

-        we have subscription from Monster

Next extract resumes using GuruMine. Then send out emails to those candidates (enclosing their User ID/Password) asking them to login & EDIT.


If we stabilize this process for Monster, we could start subscribing to Naukri as well (may be 3 months subscription to experiment with)


Ø  Extract keywords form all downloaded (-and of course “posted”) resumes, index to calculate “frequency of Usage” & allot fresh weightages.


These fresh/revised “weightages” to be used to recalculate/recompute raw-scores & percentile scores of all resumes, in order to draw-up “revised” Function Profile graphs


You must decide, whether this process should be done incrementally everyday




Once-a-week, take the total/entire/cumulated resume database of all the resumes (whether downloaded or posted) and run the process over the weekend

Ø  Bench Mark  (B)

(i.e. comparing several resumes with any given JOB Advt – i.e. the benchmark job advt)


The would require processing all job-advts thru GuruMine, to find


1)    Function

2)    Keywords (Indexing)

3)    Frequency of Usage & Weightage

4)    Raw Score/Percentile score of each job-advt.


Like offline/night time processing of Resumes, this processing of job-advts too, would be a massive data-crunching operation and therefore, must be done offline & at night. Once again, ou must decide whether to do it incrementally or once-a-week.


Ø  Match-making Process



Text Box: For
Text Box: For







Bench                                   “Job-Preferences”                                           Job Advt

Mark                                     forms filled in by                                              (Post Job Advt form)

Documents                         Jobseekers                                                         filled in by HR Managers




Documents                         Job-Advts                                                            Resumes

to be                                      (downloaded +                                                 (Starting Stocks +

matched                              Posted)                                                                all subsequent postings)



This match-making processes will generate 160 character SMSes to be delivered

 to Jobseekers                  (JAM/JAB)



Perhaps these processes could be run offline and at night


Ø  Dely. Of JAS to newspapers (-and may be TV channels ?)

Once again, this process need not

run on Reliance Server

run during daytime

I am sure, we could run offline & at night.


Please also look-up my note “PPOCESSES” dt. 12/02/06


Once you reach a conclusion, what processes could run offline and at night, you may advise Reena, to upgrade our PC if required.




cc: Vikram           cc: Rahul



Office On the go


Ø  Read enclosed cuttings

Ø  In may notes (Job Parade/Multiplexes/Breaking News), I spoke about making available, such RSS feeds to websites/portals (other than jobsites)



Already Implemented

Text Box: PC Screen
Job Parade/ Multiplexes Breaking News
Text Box: Mobile Screen
Text Box: TV Screen /
(Job-Alert on TV
Text Box: News Papers:
Oval: W	Glo.
W	Rec
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          To be Implemented


Database remain same: Delivery channel changes: Depending upon “Screen Size”,  presentation will change.





Level of Interactivity

 PC Screen

 (Job Parade etc.

 (30/40 million)


● Can view full job advt

● Can immediately “Apply Online”

● Can see Latest Jobs fading in & fading out    drama

TV Screen


     ( 80/100 million)





● Little less

● Can see job summary or streamer at bottom of screen

● Note down Job Code & Apply Online from mobile

(in future-with TV remote)

ƒ  Mobile Screen (JAM)

 (already 80 million growing 5 million/month)

● Still Smaller screen so 160 character SMS

● Can Apply online

New Papers

(400 million readers)

● None

● Must not down Job code & then use “Resume Courier”



cc: Vikram           cc: Rahul



Ø  About 2  years back Vikram developed a tool – which we called “Inbox Reader” -  which, I believe, Vitthal is using even today, to separate out (automatically)


● “resume” emails from

● Correspondence emails


From all incoming emails, “Inbox Reader”, figures-out which are “Resumes” and then puts these in a separate folder.


Earlier, this process was being carried out manually by a girl and used to take a full day ! Inbox Reader takes a few minutes ! Tremendous increase in productivity.


Human use of Human Beings !


Ø  You can find out from Vikram, what logic he had used in developing this tool.


Ø  Most spam-filter softwares are based on Beysian Theorem of Probability. Many are free downloads. After checking with Reena, download some and experiment. Check, how good these are at “learning” as more & more usage takes place.


Ø  But the s/w learns from Human beings. Human has to start-off by “telling” the s/w.

If you come across the following words in the mail, treat that email as a spam & place it in a separate polder.


This some emails which are really SPAM - yet do not contain any of the BAD words - will escape !


So, the human will carefully look at such “escaped” emails and try to figure out some more BAD words. Then add these NEW BAD words to the list.


Now the s/w has a bigger knowledge-base. This process goes on and accuracy  (of detection & elimination) keeps improving.


GuruMine works somewhat similar.  For each “Function” we have given it a starting “knowledge Base” of 30/40 Keywords.


If it finds these keywords in a text resume, it concludes that


        ABC        resume                belong                  to            “Sales”

        XYZ                                                                                 “Marketing”


In Gurumine, each keyword also  carries “past frequency of usage” (Weightage). So  keywords found are          arranged in descending order of “Weightages”.


You should thoroughly understand (from Vikram/Rajeev) how GuruMine / GuruSearch work.




cc: Vikram           cc: Rahul



Replace old currency with New Currency

(text resumes) with (ImageBuilder)


Ø  It is for reason that we have decided to give away (free) GuruMine & GuruSearch

(without the Knowledge Base0 to subscribers.


Ø  For the same reason, we must allow/enable a jobseeker to download his  ImageBuilder (including function Profile Graphs) as soon as she

Pposts his text resume during “Submit resume” process.


Ø  Once he has downloaded ImageBuilder, we expect that he will, in future, use only ImageBuilder, whenever he applies “offline”.

But then, he may not use it, if his raw score/percentile score is POOR ! Such jobseekers will continue to send their plain/text resumes to HR Managers.


Ø  By  same logic, those candidates, whose raw score/percentile score are very good, would certainly like to impress the HR Managers by sending their ImageBuilders -even offline !


I believe, these candidates, will keep coming back, again & again, to download their  latest copy

of ImageBuilders, containing their latest GRAPHS, with latest raw score/percentile score.


They would be keen to find out whether their raw score/percentile is getting better or worse !


(of course, raw score won’t change unless they edit/modify their text  - by adding some more keywords).


But as more & more executives belonging to same “Functions”, start depositing their  resumes, then, the percentile score of EVERYBODAY will change.


Ø  This (effect) is quite like my looking up L&T stock-price every day in the evening (the only stock which I own) ! Not a day will pass without seeing this.


Most people who own several stocks, look up newspapers first thing in the morning & TV channels in the evening.


Some, even get live stock-quotes on their mobiles,, several times a day !


All depends upon your level of investment. The greater the investment, the greater the involvement intensity.


Then CFO/MD/Chairmen of each listed company never fail to lookup their own company’s stock price, several times a day ! Their jobs, literally depend upon their share-price !


Ø  Function Profile Percentile score is a kind of a professional’s




        Especially, if HR Managers attach a lot of importance to this score.


        Then, you would want to comeback to Global Recruiter EVERYDAY, and watch its movement !


Imagine if 3/5 lakh jobseekers were to log-in EVERYDAY, just to be able to watch their latest percentile score !


That would make Global Recruiter – the MOST STICKEY WEBSITE OF THE WORLD !


Where a person must return everyday !


Let us work towards this.



Srl No.







Update “Res.Rater” Counter (other websites)






Update “Search Engine Songs”






Upload 15 bloggings sites






Sent out PROMO emails to candidates






Balance Emails for “Reaching Out” keep adding new emails being prepared






Clean-up normalize databases sent by Sachin & make ready for uploading in Resume Blast (Agency Faqs + Thailand +UK=USA etc. ) + 1400 newspapers.







Check proper working of all links of our website  & inform Rahul regarding problems






Crate clean/structure/non-duplicate (as far as company name is concerned) databae form 2.98 lakh job-advts spidered form Naukri (for WWJ):  Purpose is TWO-FOLD:

Ø  Add NEW company-names to Resume Blast database (making sure about each company’s  INDUSTRY)


Find, for each existing company (in Resume Blast database) , ADDITIONAL  email IDs, and add comma-separated. These IDs belong to junior-level recruiters/consultants, who eagerly open/look-up all incoming resumes. These people are mush more likely to click on our “Resume Blast” emails







In “Time Travel” upload new/additional REPORTS (EG. New Educational Policy/Quo Vadis/ EAR etc. This would require

Ø  Scanning each page


Ø  Spell-check/correction

Ø  Given title to each page (or each chapter(, so that pages or chapters can be uploaded on 14 blogging sites on a continuous/daly basis with each carrying links www.IndiaRecruiter.net  & Time travel






SEO optimization File

-        Our “site-rank” on several Keywords on 15/20 search engines






To phone-up, those corporate who have “registered” but not “activated” their links (only Indian Companies) For FOREIGN companies, send out standard reminder emails to activate (Never give User ID/Password to anyone)






To create structured database from “M/c Tool Mfr Member Directory” Sent by Anjami (for uploading on Resume Blast)






Neatly arrange/file all loose papers /notes lying on Rahul’s table, so that none is lost  and all are easily retrievable  thru FLAPS. Destroy all unwanted/dealt with notes & where soft copies are already available






Keep posting “Resume Blast” advt. On no. of free classified websites  (eg: Locanto/OLX/Clicing etc.










Job Interview Questions


Ø  www.job-intrview.net/ban/jobinerviewquestins.htm


Ø  www.job-interview-questions.com

(“Interview Answer Wizard” Software)



Ø  Ww.jobbankusa.com/interview_questions_answers/free_samples_examples/


About 30/40 categories of “soft skills” questions



Ø  www.techinerviews.com/? P=98


Covers questions on : - (about 350 questions)


.Net                               Java                                       Windows

C++                                Networking

Database                     Testing

General                        Unix/Linux

Hardware                    Web Developer




Ø  Another useful site for s/w guys is












www.Salary Source.com/description.cfm


Accounting                           -----------------------             35

Administrative                    -----------------------             16

Banking                                  -----------------------               6

Corporate Services            -----------------------             18

Distribution/Warehouse -----------------------             16

Engineering                          -----------------------             25

Executive Management  -----------------------             10

Finance                                  -----------------------             21

Healthcare                            -----------------------             49

Human Resources             -----------------------             24

Information System          -----------------------             49

Insurance                              -----------------------               4

Legal Service                        -----------------------               5

Operations                           -----------------------             20

Production                            -----------------------             31

Purchasing                            -----------------------               5

R&D                                         -----------------------               1

Retail                                       -----------------------               2

Sales/Marketing                 -----------------------             37









cc: Vikram           cc: Rahul



Development Priorities


In enclosed pages, I have tried to list (in order to importance/priority), various modules/features that e need to develop.


To be able to launch GR, we need No: 1/2/3, at least.


But we need to decide


Ø  Who will develop what

Ø  When (time-frame)


I would request you to go thru these carefully, so that when we meet on Saturday, we could estimate time and allocate these modules, depending upon no. of hours/week that each of us can devote.




cc: Vikram           cc: Rahul





I am a great believer in automating all “processes’ elimination human intervention altogether.


Again, as each process “start/triggers” a visitor to GR, must get a message, to tell him, what is happening as a result of his click and how long will it take to display the results. This is very important, if the process is likely to take more than 5 seconds.


Again as each process “ENDS”, there should flash a message, as to what the visitor/user, is supposed to do next.


This lack of “TWO-WAY communication” is main problem with most websites. Thru each click, a Visitor “instructs/commands” the website to “do ABC/XYZ”.  As soon as a click is made, website must “acknowledge” that it has understood the COOMAND and that , it is ACTING UPON that command. This (message) is a great “assurance” to the visitor that, his command has been “understood and being acted upon” Hence, do no try to economize on “conformation-Messages” after each click.


Please study enclosed processes.




Enclosed find


Ø  “Outsourcing Plan”


These are features/modules that we may consider to outsource.


I have, broadly arranged these in their order-of-importance. Let us discuss and draw-up “priorities”, based on


·         Simplicity vs. Complexity.

·         Time required (2 hours Vs. 2 weeks)

·         User benefit  (Jobseekers Vs. Employers)

·         Partner website Benefit (being able to persuade Employers to switch-over to IR/GR

·         Bye-product, if any (e.g.: lure more newspapers to register for JAS)


Ø  “Inhouse Plan”


I believe these things cannot be outsourced & will need to be done by you.







Srl No.

Feature / Module








Admin Tool







Mapping of “Industry/Function” with GR (timesjob/Naukri)







Upload Job Advts on IR daily (after mapping) and make searchable







From Naukri/Monster, daily download resumes/map/upload on IR







Resume Courier







JAP: Job Archival Posting







Jobsearch by Company Name

Text Box: To provide a box on “Job Search Archival






Match Index (AUB)



Text Box: To become part of Benchmarking




Uploading pf Print-Media Advts. By Newspapers (see Naukri feature)







Enticing Corporates







Uploading/integrating “Harvester”







Resume Keyword Indexing (ISYS/ Google Desktop ?) and upload on IR for search Engines to access.







“Map of India” bases searches







Download jobs form USA jobsites







Improved “eApps” of Naukri







Counters for “No. of Jobs” by

Ind.     ●Function           ●Designation     ● City







Broadcasting vacancies to placement Agencies by Job Advertisers







Starting a “User Survey” or a blog on WWJ (or GR). No other jobsite gives this !







Create separate sections for  (1) Fresh Graduates (2) Vocational Staff on GR/IR







“Recommendation System” for jobseekers/Corpo







Magic-Cube Search










1.       Upload “pay Per Use” & Tariff (Corpo. Regi. Page)

2.       Upload Arm (along with u/i) pages

3.       Upload modified TERMS for Corp. Subscribers

4.       Solution for sending RAM/RAB (bypassing MSP)

5.       Remove counters from homepage of GR

6.       ‘Resume Management” pages to be uploaded (developed by you and Rejji)

7.       Uploading 17 messages for “ImageBuilder”

8.       Upload 200 circulars for ‘Communi. for Productivity’

9.       Upload “Press Notes” (for WWJ)

10.   Monthly invoice from partner to subscriber (Balance amount counter)

11.   Installing “Web Analytics” on GR-IR-WWJ.

12.   Installing “Terms” for jobseekers at bottom of  “Submit Resume” page on IndiaRecruiter (cop from 3pjob.com).




cc: Rahul/Reena/Vitthal/Pande


JAS: Job Advt. Summary

(for printing by Newspapers)


Since you have managed to

1)      Follow-up this matter with the editors meticulously, and

2)      Establish a Personal “rapport” with these (very) senior persons thru your persuasive style,


I would like you to continue with this GOOD-WORK in future.


The newspapers/publications should be segregated into following separate files/folders:


#1)         Those who have already “registered”  (online or offline thru Fax) and to whom, we are already    sending daily email (EXCEL) JAS.


As soon as each offline “fax” registration is received, same should be handed over to Rahul to take following actions:


a)       to upload registration-details from the backend and start daily email.

b)      To upload names of publications on our “FREE CONTENT” page (WWJ) under link “Already Publishing”.

You should check with Rahul that JAS emails have  started going. Then check (by phoning) with publication contact person, whether he has stated receiving regularly. IF he faces any problems, get Rahul to speak to him over phone & sort out the problem.


Find out (gently insist) as to when they expect to start printing.


I forgot one VERY IMPORTANT step !!


As soon as you receive a faxed registration (or even an “Online” Registration) you must fax/courier (both)  our





According to which, the newspaper should carryout actual printing.


The reason this (step) is important is that, many newspapers are NOT giving providing enough space at the bottom for












--------------------------------                                www.World-Wide-Jobs.com






Instructions                                                        “Credit” / Source



                This defeats our sole purpose behind giving daily FREE content, viz:


                                                Free Publicity for WWJ


Instructions must be readable and our website URL must be in as large FONTS as possible – so that it gets noticed b y jobseekers and so that at least some jobseekers are tempted to login WWJ & find out more – and hopefully register as well ! This is our ultimate Goal/objective in trying to get 400 newspapers around the country to start  printing JAS everyday.



ð 200 million reads (of these 400 newpapers) must get to see, day-after-day-after-day, our brand




So that, someday, our brand, becomes even more well known than Coca-Cola !


This is why, we must repeatedly (but gently) persuade Newspapers to use a  FONT. They will resist our “request” but we have to persever.


Every month, we should phone/email and ask them to send us (thru courier), latest printing of JAS, so that we can monitor/keep tract of the FONT-SIZE being used.


This  is also the reason, why sentence highlighted in enclosed page, should be in larger fonts & made bold.


By couriering them our TEMPLATE, we can insist that they religiously follow the same. We should point out any deviation made to save space.


#2)         Those, who after our repeated follow-up, says

                “Sorry, we are not interested”




                “Pay us for printing of JAS” etc.


Transfer such cases to separate file (may be also place appropriate remark against their names in the MASTER DATABASE OF PUBLICAITONS under preparation by Pande/Vitthal.


By such separation/remark, we ensure not to irritate them by repeated follow-up ! with 700 newspapers to  follow-up !  such follow-up can happen since, it is not possible to remember /memorise, each & every response/final answer.


Therefore recording negative response – even the reasons, if he tells- is very important.


It will also reduce our follow-up effort.


#3)         Those newspapers to whom we are about to fax our proposal



Based on Vitthal/Pande’s database, Reena has planned to send out email – to – fax to some 500 newspapers – most likely on Monday (30th Jan).


All of these will require phoning, 3/4 days after fax is sent.  Besides trying to find out whether they have received our fax or not, you should also use this opportunity, to systematically compile following  info during your phone call:


Ø  What are correct Phone No./ Fax No.

Ø  What is correct email ID

Ø  Who is the “Contact Person” & his/her designation?

Ø  What is the direct  no/mobile no. of the contact person/his email ID his personal fax no.

Ø  Correct Postal Address etc.


May be you can write down these info into a photocopied FORM (with Name of Publication in bold at the top), even as you are talking /asking questions.            

Of Course, if you order some good quality headphone (ask Reena) and have MASTER PUBLICATION DATABASE on your pc, you may be able to enter such details/corrections directly       into the database, without having to write down !


But, for some reason, if you cannot help “writing down” in a form, then after your phone-call, you can handover the forms to Pande to EDIT the database immediately.


In the enclosed file, you found that, I was making/entering my “remarks” (after each telephonic attempt to contact) – on a piece of paper, mentioning date etc.


I was forced to follow this 50 years old method because I don’t know how to use a computer!


                But I am sure, this cannot be the case with you. I believe you are well-versed with the use of         computers and you should avoid all these laborious/manual entries on piece of papers.


You should use one of the simple “Project Management software” ( - I am told MS office already has such a software build-in) or, what they call


PIM = “Personal Information Management “ software or a “Contact Management” software


Any no. of which, Reen/Rejita can find for you.


With you dedication- and help from Reena-Vitthal-Pande-Rajita-Rahul etc. – I have no doubt, you would convince 400 newspapers to start printing JAS by end of 2006 !


Good Luck














Ø  “Pay Per Use”


Please create this link on homepage of India Recruiter (-and of course, all homepages of all Partner websites) (“Employer” side)

Clicking on this link with take the HR Manager to “Pay Per Use” page – as per draft enclosed.


Ø  Simultaneously please add, at the bottom of

“Corporate Registration” tabulation


-an additional box containing

“Tariff/Prepaid Payment”


As per attached sample.




Dear Hr Manager:


Jobsites which claim to be No. 1 (-and there are more than ONE!), also claim that they have

·         4/5/6 million resumes

·         50,000 / 1000,000 job postings


But they won’t claim:


“Pay us, only if your job-advt gets clicked/viewed by a jobseeker”


“Pay us only if you view a SUITABLE resume during your resume search”.


No Way !


They ask you to pay up (upfront) a huge lumpsum  Subscription (kind of entrance free) to Post Jobs/Search Resumes. Unrelated to your actual usage.


Arrogance of the “take it or leave it” type.


It does not interest them to know that, for most of the essential services (like, water-electricity-gas-phone-travel-internet connection etc. etc.) your are only paying for what you use !


They want you to overlook the fact that on most websites, advertisers pay only when a visitor clicks on their advts or that a surfer pays only for what he downloads.


In short, they are telling you,

“We are taking you for  a ride-just  sit back and enjoy !”


We believe this exploitation must end.


We  believe you should only pay for what you use – when you use.


Ø  Every time a jobseeker click top open/ view your job advt   ________________ Re 1.00

Ø  Every time you click þ to view resume (during resume Search) ______________ Re 1.00            


Please to read our Arguments 



On IndiaRecruiter.net

Page: Corporates/Advertiser Registration


Dear Employer/ Placement Agent




To become our Corporate Subscriber, please register below








Tariff/Prepaid Payment

Ø  I understand and accept following tariff

                Every time a jobseeker clicks on any one of my posted

                   job advt, to read it in full  -------------------------- Rs. 1.00


                ● Every time I click open a resume þ to read it in full  --------------------- Re 1.00


Ø  By post, I am sending a cheque of Rs.                (cheque No.                                ) and request you to open a PEPAID Account

Ø                I understand and accept the Terms governing Subscription to this website

Text Box: Submit 









Instant Gratification


I think, sometime back, I made a suggestion that, as soon as  a jobseeker submits his resume & fills up his “Job-preferences” & submits,


We deliver on his mobile  5 job-alert SMS within 60 seconds !


Since WWJ does not have a regular/typical job search feature – like all other jobsites, my suggesting has a merit, in that


Ø  Registering jobseeker gets assured that WWJ, actually does have a large database of fresh job-advts

Ø  He is convinced that our “Match-making” software does actually work & give relevant results

Ø  Our tie-up with Airtel/MTNL is for “REAL” ( as claimed by us) and that the “delivery” does take place on his handset, as promised and that he can look forward a regular daily defy from next day.


A message should flash on his PC screen (as soon as he clicks “submit” as follows:



Dear Jobseeker

Ø   Thank you for registering

Ø  In the next 60 seconds, you will receive, on your mobile, 5 JAM alerts.

Ø  These are job downloaded from various jobsites 2 days back

Ø  Check these SMS alerts against your job-preferences – then, if need be, edit your job-preferences (To edit, you need to log in with your user ID/Password)

Ø  These first 5 JAM SMS is only a demo.

Your regular service, starting tomorrow, can only be activated after you send SMS

JAM SUB on (short code of your Mobile Service Provider

Alternatively, can we show him these 5 Demo alerts SMS on his PC screen, immediately ?







Abhi ð Rejji


Instant Everything


This is an age of “instant everything”. Noboday has patience of anything that takes time – unless your immediate/clear purpose is to “pass time / kill time” (eg. A game of solitaire)


We must take advantage of this desire/human weakness of impatience.


When a jobseeker searches for jobs on jobsites, after entering his “Search-Criteria”, he clicks SUBMIT.


After that, does he shut-down PC/log off, go home and then return after one hour to see the search-result display ?


He expects to see the display in next 5/10 seconds.


And he also gets to see in 5/10 seconds !


Even if the result-display takes 30/40 seconds, he will never return to that website !


I have no doubt that you have kept this (human impatience) in mind, when designing


Global Recruiter


Now turn to World-Wide-Jobs.


Here we are telling the candidates,


“Please fill-up job-preferences (which is same as search-criteria0 – then wait for 24 hours ! you will start getting job-alerts from TOMORROW ! “


This is a huge contrast from a jobseeker’s past experience of searching job on jobsites.


This feels almost like a “let down” !



Despite the pact that by now, that jobseeker knows that


Ø  WWJ is NOT a jobsite

Ø  There is NO jobsearch  on WWJ

Ø  This disappointment/frustration (of not being able to “see” the search-results immediately), will turn into permanently getting rid of job searching on jobsites.


Despite this knowledge, the comparison (of course, Sub-conscious) with his past experience of many years of searching for job on jobsites, makes him feel disappointed.


It is human nature.


Every new experience is (Subconsciously) compared by the mind, with past experiences and sorted into 3 compartment, viz:


Ø  GOOD experience (compares well/favourably with PAST experience)

Ø  BAD  experience  (Worse that past comparable experience)

Ø  EXCELLENT experience (exceeds “expectations” which are framed by PAST experiences).


Now imagine a situation as follows:


Ø   A candidate fills in “Job-preference” form, post his resume and clicks  SUBMIT

Ø  A message flashes on hic PC Screen,

“Switch on your mobile (if not already on). A job-alert SMS (JAM) matching your just-entered “Job-preferences” will appear on our mobile within next 10/15 seconds !  and thereafter everyday#.  This is not a SAMPLE ! It is REAL, and you can apply online instantly, by sending following SMS from your mobile:


(MENU) JAM < Job Code> on                    


Ø  By the time, that jobseeker finishes reading this message on his PC Screen, the JAM appears on his mobile !

(with the new arrangement with Airtel, the activation thru JAM SUB is already eliminated)


If we can incorporate the INSTANTNESS in JAM,

Ø  Jobseeker’s experience will be  EXCELLENT as compared to his past experiences.


Ø  He is convinced of the CONVENIENCE

Ø  He is AMAZED at the speed  of response

Ø  He will talk  to 10 friends to try-out (WORD-OF-MOUTH publicity)


I strongly recommend we aim for this and as soon as possible.




In Global Recruiter, you have provided that a candidate can EDIT the keywords (Add/Delete/Modify) in the knowledge-profile box.


I think this is a great idea.


Why not extend this feature to WWJ also ?


I think we should





Search Engine Optimization


To get a high rank (on organic results side) on search results, on leading search engines, we have already decided to create, a “Spider-accessible”




Of millions of  job-advts on IndiaRecruiter. + This huge database will keep growing for ever.



                We cannot do the same with



(i.e. our common Resume Database)


For searching these, a corporate subscriber would need

User ID/Password/Log In.


Hence this “database” is in “Deep Web” and in accessible to search engine spiders.


So, those millions of Keywords, contained I our (3P’s) 6-8 lakh resumes, cannot be



by Google-Yahoo-msn etc.


But, as far as we are concerned, these millions of keywords, are already INDEXED by ISYS.


And  I suppose, each & every new resume coming in daily as email, also gets indexed by ISYS.


May be this  is why, our consultants always prefer to search our resume database thru ISYS. Al least, a ISYS search ensure that,


If the search keyword is contained in a given resume, it is bound to come up in search results !


The only problem with ISYS is that there was no algorithm to give any particular “weightage” to a resume (what logic ?) and therefore no way to “RANK” the search-results (resumes) by their IMPORTANCE/RELEVANCE.


Whereas Search-engines have found some clever methods to arrange the search-result (documents) in the descending order of relevance.



(Page Rank algorithm

Search History etc.)


Now of Course




Searches/indexes, not only all documents on our hard disk but (I presume), also CLUBS/MERGES these results


-WITH RESULTS found on the web !



Without making all of our RESUMES “accessible” to spiders online, we can certainly make ALL of the KEYWORDS (contained in these 6-8 lakhs resumes), accessible ! – On India Recruiter !!


Once we do this, IndiaRecruiter will rank very high (on organic side), whether a keyword used by a surfer is found                


Ø  in our 5 lakh Job Archives or

Ø  in our 8 lakh Resume Archives.

So, our purpose is served WITHOUT making our Resume Database Public/accessible to Searach engines.


Without even, having to upload these 6/8 lakh resumes on India Recruiter !



Web Search Engines




Most Webpages



Online (Internet)

Offline (Desk Top)



6/8 lakhs resumes received by 3O during last 10/12/ years




Indexing word



Garbage Removal



Searching Document  by words

Key words


Key words





Other algorithms



Proximity Search



Synonym Search



Theme/Concept based Search



Result By

Ø  Keywords



Ranking By

Ø  Page Rank Algo

Ø  Search History





Recommendation Algo










“Paraphrasing Software”



Links found in Google


Ø  www. Unstruct’org/index.php? p=186

Ø  .trnmag.com

Ø  www.emergic.org/archives/indi/007710.php

Ø  www.plan-ex.org/projects/plagiarism/report.pdf.

(we need to reverse the process listed here)

Ø  www.mail-archive.com/tips@acsun.frostburg.edu/msg08579.htk.

Ø  www.krzweilcyerart.com/petry/rkcp-fredwonlaod_request.php3


Please download then try on any sample “resume” and see whether it is capable of generating a “NEW” version of same resume.

It is does, then we have hit a jackpot ! If it does, we will immediately pay-up $ 29.95 to upgrade to PREMIUM edition.

This can be a fantastic tool (if it works), in helping candidates WRITE (really REWRTE) their existing resumes !









“Jobs In Print” Service



Deccan Herald  ----------------------  117  (26 Oct to 25 Nov ) (email ID available)


Indian Express ----------------------- No display


It is quite possible that thousands of job getting published in print-media  (Newspapers), never get uploaded on jobsite. ( except Times of India  ð timesjobs.)


And very few copies of leading METRO newspapers manage to reach medium/small towns. And those copies that do find their way to small towns, reach homes of people who are NOT looking for jobs !


This means, these jobs remain “inaccessible” to small town jobseekers !


This is what make such (print media) jobs, a “ SCARCE CONTENT


(“killer Content”” by Mai Lan Tomsen).


According to author Mai Lan, it is such “Scarce Content” that differentiate successful from unsuccessful websites.


If your website offer a CONTENT that no other website offers, people will visit your site by thousands.


Apparently Naukri has realized this. But they seem to have tied up (so far) only with


                                                                                Deccan Herald

                                                                                ● Indian Express


Could it be that other major newspapers,  publish/upload their print media job-advts on their OWN sites ?  I don’t know. But it can take one day to find out May be I will do it.


But, keep in mind that someday soon, we should create on IndiaRecruier a page/form, called


“Job Post for Newspapers”


Where they can enter/upload jobs printed  in their hard copies. This feature/offer may even attract them to subscribe/register for JAS.











Leveraging timesjobs.com

to our advantage



We cannot forget that one of our biggest problem has been,


“which company belongs to which Industry? “


Unless this issue gets resolved, job searching  by “Industry” drop list  (on IndiaRecruiter) was impossible


A solution seems to be in sight !


This morning while job searching on timesjobs.com, I found short-display (job summary) in following manner:


Job summary

Company Details














Oval: Company Name: XYZ
Industry: ABC



                                                                                                Exactly what we need ! And since this info. Is based on what that company itself has entered (about itself), while “Posting Jobs”, this data is perfect /absolutely reliable.



All we need to do is to fin a spider which can download this info as


Srl No

Company Name

Industry (timesjobs)

Industry (Global Recruiter)










We can do one more thing while downloading:

Srl No

Company Name

(in times jobs)

Company Name (WWJ 49300 advt downloading

Email ID for 49300



















Text Box: MAP these
If correct “Match” found it is the SAME company



In which case email ID ( in our daily downloads) has to be the SAME for both records !


This will solve our problem that times jobs are NOT displaying email ID of job-advertisers and therefore, downloading of job advts from timesjobs is no use !




Abhi à Rejji


Our Biggest Problem


To quickly populate India Recruiter / GR with 5 lakh resumes, our biggest problem is:


“What INDUSTRY / FUNCTION” to allot to each resume that we download from Monster/ Naukri/ Times jobs etc.?”


Unless resumes are allotted INDUSTRY & FUNCTION, they would remain unsearchable in IndiaRecruiter!


And if these remain “unsearchable”, our partners will refuse to become our partners!


The only way they can lure company-HR Managers (to subscribe) is to be able to tell them,


“Dear HR Manager

If you subscribe to my website, you can search 5 lakh resumes.

Hence, solution to our problem lies in our ability to

Ø  download millions of resumes  from dozens of jobsites

Ø  allot INDUSTRY / FUNCTION to each & every resume (offline, if reqd.)

Ø  then upload these on GR / IR

Ø  send out “Invitation-Letter” to 750 (websites) placement agencies.

Ø  simultaneously send-out promo-letter to 49300employers / HR mgrs. To come, register on India Recruiter & start

·         Posting Jobs

·         Conducting Resume-Searches



Now, I find that on Naukri, when a candidate posts his resume, he is compelled to select


à  Current Industry Type