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                                              Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.
                                                  There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"
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                                       Hemen Parekh
                                       27 June 2013

Sunday, 2 May 1999


The enclosed note (E - MAIL) is 5 years old (23-4-94)
At that time, internet was beyond horizon. So, it is not surprising that, in the enclosed note, I have talked about the concept of a HELP - DESK.
With several technical & commercial support staff
    .Taking "orders" over telephone
           . Answering "Queries" over telephone.
The concept of a client,
    . Placing "Order" thru internet
           . Tracking / monitoring progress of his "order" on our website.
Simply did not exist !
But, in 1999, things are vastly different.
Although "Help - Desks" do exist (even on websites), it is only a matter of time, before these become OBSOLETE.
More & more companies are using internet (their website) as a CENTRE PIECE / ANCHOR around which, all their business - process are centered.
The current scenario is somewhat like.
But I feel, for most companies (at least in U.S.A./ Europe/ Japan), the barriers would fall and there would be a SINGLE "interface" for
     . Employees
    . Suppliers
    . Customers
That single interface would be a Company’s WEBSITE !
This has already happened with a fear large Americal Companies. Examples of these could be found in following  books.
       . Web pages that suck (sent to you)
       . Webonomics
       . Business @ speed of Thought (Bill gates)
       . Direct from DELL. (I am still reading)
If we had implemented HELP - DESK 5 years ago, that would have been fine. It might have even helped our staff to get used to "doing business over telephone".
But, having "waited", I feel, it would be wise to simply "By - Pass" that stage of "evolution" altogether and straight  away jump to the concept of FULLY INTERACTIVE SINGLE INTERFACE (WEBSITE)
We may still develop our
Around our INTRANET & thoroughly test it out before MERGING with the INTERNET. This will help us to "debug" out internal business processes before exposing these (processes) to the Public - at - large. Because,
If these (processes) do NOT perform 100% correctly/ accurately on our website, it might get adverse reaction - even ridicule - and client may NEVER RETURN !But, out "goal" has to be clear right now. And that is, Merger of "Intranet" with "Internet"  Assuming that
    . Implementation of Module #1 takes 2 months (May/ June)
    . Development of Module #2 (Order Execution) covering features in the enclosed notes, takes
3 months (May/ June/ July)
    . Testing of Module # 2 takes 2 months (Aug/ Sept)
    . Development of NEW WEBSITE (NT based) takes 2 months.  (Oct/ Nov.)
    . Merger of Module #2 into NEW NT based Website takes 3 Months (Dec/ Jan/ Feb. 2000),
 We are talking of a PROJECT TIME FRAME of  12 Months.
    . If we manage this schedule (and do you see any reason, why we cannot?), at the end of this
12 months period, we should be ahead of
    . All Indian Jobsites
           . Most of the world's jobsites
By March 2000, I also expect that, in India,
    . Internet subscriber base would have grown substantially
    . May ISPs would be operational
    . "Internet - over - cable" would have become a reality (IN cable/ SITI cable & a Delhi Party which expects to launch this by June 99). If this happens, millions of home TVs will be able to "access" internet (Hinduja (IN), along have 2.3 million cable TV connections in 12 cities)
    . Hundreds of Cyber - cafes would have come up.
    . Internet connection charges would have dropped drastically (each "Late comer" ISP would have to drop prices to be able to enter the fray) (DISH NET offering Rs. 1.8 / hour in Pune / Chennai!).
    . E - Commerce would have become a "little" easier.
In the books mentioned earlier, I have underlined / marked - out, sentences / paras/ pages, whihc I would request you to read!. Before
You start working on Module #2.
Unless, we have the GRAND PICTURE in front of us, we would end - up on the periphery! subscribe to Jack Welch's (GE) business philosophy, viz
"If in any business, you cannot be either #1 or #2, get out of it !"
To implement this project, I am ready to commit
    . Required funds
           . My own time
           . 3Ps organizational support
I am sending this note to you with a request to commit.
   . Your own personal time/ attention
          . A dedicated team of professionals
          . Time frame (with bonus/ penalty clauses)
How Soon ?
Subject / Topic of Note                                      Date
MIS - Daily / weekly / monthly statistics 3-3-93
3 Dimensions (Number/Time Frame/Reward)   17-9-93
Interview Feedback from Clients                    27-4-96
Order Backlog / Pending Assignment Analysis  29-11-98
10 standard statements                              11-7-93
Interview Follow Up                                    31-3-94
Follow Up
With out Own Staff                                    30-3-94
With candidates                                        30-3-94
With Clients                                             29-3-94   
Chasing Events & Activities          
(To send what - when - whom)                     30-3-94
18 Screens (pop - up?) of                             12-11-94
PAPERLESS OFFICE                                 26-11-94               
Order Execution System - MASTER CHART      2-9-93, 
HELP DESK & QUERIES                                23-4-94
(Clients/ Candidates/ Associates                   16-11-94