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                                       27 June 2013

Friday, 3 September 1993


Management Info System

Every Business must set target (Budget) and must measure actual Performance against those target.
The difference between the two (Variance) is used as a feedback to the individual within the System to take correction action.
Even if it is difficult for the next ½ years to set target, we should, at least decide upon.
For which Parameters we would one day like to set the target.
So that,
Even now, Pending target setting, we already start compiling the “ACTUAL ACHEVEMENT / PERFORMANCE” FIGURES FOR THOSE Parameters and start plotting these graphically.
In a nut- shell,
If we compile and graphically plot last 2/3 years Statistres we would know the Trend For each item.
We would also know inter- relationship, if any, between one Parameter and the other.
A) No. of person appointed is a function of (or Directly Proportioned to)
a.    Size of Databank
b.    No. of one line Statement Sent
c.    No. of Bio-Datas Sent
d.    No. of Prelim- interviews held
e.    No. of France interviews held.
f.     No. of call letters Sent
g.    No. of appli./ Bio- data’s recd.
h.    No. of Client.
i.     No. of Pending Purchase Order (Order backlog)
j.     No. of Advt. released
k.    No. of Client inquiries

Another Example:-
B.    Size of Databank (Active) is a function of or Directly Proporfronal to
1.    No. of mailers sent out
2.    No. of “Birth-Day” Greeting sent
3.    No. of unabridged Annual Reports Collected.
4.    No. of Advt. released.
5.    No. of Alumni Assoc. Linked – up.
6.    No. of Companies enrolled in 3P CLUB.
7.    No. of Databases tapped
              E.G. - Diners Club Member
                     - Membership Directories of Perferroned Bodies.
8.    No. of “associates” established in various town


Thursday, 2 September 1993



In the enclosed charts, I have shown the flow of information/ stream of information taking place. Each stream is like a thread.
We have to visualize a 100 threads which gets hopeless by entwined. And if all 100 are same colour (black or white), imagine trying to untangle them ! A nearly impossible task.
It would be a Gordian knot. But in a business situation, you cannot take a sword, cut it and move a head! But if each of the 100 threads was of a different colour, there can be some hope. Even then it would take a longtime to unravel, since "shaded" could be deceptively similar. But if each was not only of a different shade, but all threads one laid - down parallel to each other, then the task to trace either of the (two) ends becomes quite simple.
Our job is to devise a system that is so simple that we can catch the thread at any point of time/ length and trace the entire length within minutes.
What is required is to give/ assign a UNIQUE NUMBER to
    . Each client
    . Each candidate
    . Each "Purchase Order / ESR"
As far as "Candidates" are concerned, we have already decided that each would have a unique SERIAL NO which is unconnected with the company code no. so that part/ requirement will be taken care of.
Now comes the CLIENT or COMPANY Code No.
To - day, we have provided certain "blocks" of nos within each industry, together totaling about 10,000.
This is against CMIE list of 2300 companies. Some other DATABASE have 3000 listed companies. But a client could be a small partnership firm and may not figure in our MASTER CODE of companies. There are tens of thousands of such companies.
Therefore, I suggest, we assign a unique, serial no. as
Purchase Order No. (ESR No.)
To each incoming request/ order as soon as one is received. I think this provision perhaps already exists.
What is required is to implement the same, as soon as REVISED HHEP system is installed. But in the meantime, we should prepare a MANUAL Register (a list) in which we should compile ALL PENDING ORDER DETAILS.
This is because not every client has filled - in an ESR.
Some have described their requirement in a letter - or even phone! Some  have sent the TABULATION (covering 5/6 vacancies). We should treat each vacancy as a SEPARATE/ DISTINCT purchase order. Because, we are getting advance per each vacancy and raising Invoice per person appointed.
Of course, we may debate if this is the right thing to do in case, e.g. Belleli or FINOLEX. Orders
       . 10 Fitters
       . 20 Plant operators
Which one identical.
There may be no advantage in creating 10/20 Pur. order Nos. We will increase a lot of work by duplication. Each purchase order must be immediately ACKNOWLEDGED (a standard letter could be devised) and client should be requested to use the PUR - ORDER NO. assigned, in all future correspondence for quick  reference / response.
 I foresee a non - too - distant time when certain PRIVELEGED CLIENTS (who give minimum so much business to us every year), may be allowed to access our "Order Execution Module"
Using moderns (pass-word of client) pur. order no. be able to find - out the "ORDER EXECUTION STATUS"
    . On their own
    . At any time
    . Without intermediacy of 3P personnel.
    . We should try to make this part of our system TRANSPARENT to the clients.
To begin with we should make it transparent to ourselves.
Bill Gates/ Michel Dell advocate this! in their booked published in 1999!