Hi Friends,
                                              Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.
                                                  There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"
                                       With regards,
                                       Hemen Parekh
                                       27 June 2013

Monday, 29 March 2010


29 March 2010


Dear Abhi,

If it is a matter of 9-to-5  thankless / demeaning drudgery  Vs  getting a challenging dream – job, I would not take a risk.

In that case, I would

·         First download  Resume  Rater  tool

     (Without login / free from  www.IndiaRecruiter.net)

·         " Rate " my resume and find my  Raw Score

·         Rewrite my resume with relevant  keywords

·         Re-rate it to see if my  Raw Score  improves

·         Finally post it on  www.CustomizeResume.com

When 13,000 + recruiters are using   Resume  Rater software  to decide (based on unbiased / objective Raw Score), whether to call a candidate for interview or not, I would not take a risk if I were you !

Hemen  Parekh

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


23 March 2010



There was a time when jobseekers pored over the " Recruitment / Hiring " sections of newspapers, searching for suitable jobs, for hours-on-end.

Then, with the arrival of internet, came job-portals, which were amongst the earliest websites.

Whereas considerable refinements have taken place in respect of resume-posting and resume-searching, job-searches have largely remained the same – with the jobseekers having to spend an enormous amount of time online.

I have tried to simplify and speed-up job-searches thru Magic Cube Job-Search  on www.CustomizeResume.com

No “ Rocket – Science “ this !

One of these days, someone is bound to come-up with even better " Geodesic Job – Search" which will have jobs listed on hundreds of faces against only 3 faces of Magic Cube – till someone cleverer makes job-search obsolete thru a personal job-search agent !

Hemen Parekh

Monday, 22 March 2010



 1. Employer Registration ... same as India Recruiter

2. Submit Resume ..... Separate Folder given for all Modules.

         3. Job Posting ..... Same as in India Recruiter

4. Job Search ...... as per "Conventional Job search" of   India Recruiters

5. Resume Search ...... as per "Conventional Resume Search" of India Recruiter (Unless you think Guru Search of Recruit Guru. Com is a Superior Solution)

         6. Resume Blast....... as per India Recruiter

         7. Subscriber List ...... as per India Recruiter

        8. Rate us Now....... as per India Recruiter

        9. Customize Trial (Home Page) Already given

        10. Admin Tool ....... As per India Recruiter

        11. Site Map ...... As per India Recruiter

I think there is no need to have a separate page for SAMPLE PROFILES, Since "Customize. Resume/ Free Trial" Page (which will be our homepage), will incorporate a SAMPLE RESUME (all 10 graphs) of an IT professional, which anyone should be able to click and view in a separate pop - up window.

As far as "Page write - ups" are concerned, leave 2" of blank space at the top on each page. I will give these as soon as I see (as a Visitor will see) the final U/I.
Special note on "Search - Results" display of "Conventional Job Search"

1. We are downloading Job - advts from a no. of Portals (RSS feed + Page stripping/ spidering).

2. Currently (at any given time), we have over 2 Lakh Job - advts.

3. In "Customize - Resume", these will be thoroughly "Cleaned - Up" ("a client of" X etc)

4. This database will become "Searchable" thru "Conventional Job - search" parameters.

    5. These parameters will include:-
        . Function     . City   
 . Industry       . Company Names   etc.

6. Each Job. advt. will carry unique "Job ID" assigned by database.

7. Searching display - results can be on any single "Search - Parameters"

8. Any visitor can download ENTIRE PAGE (Tabulation by selecting "Download ALL" button

9. As in case of World - Wide Jobs, I want to promote this "FREE DOWNLOAD (Without Login) of SUMMARY PAGE" feature amongst News Papers/ Cybercaf├ęs / Freelancers etc for free distribution amongst their clients.

Hemen Parekh



Delivering "Job Alerts" on TV thru DTH Both Dish TV and Tata Sky have tied up with some job - portals to deliver job advts on "ACTIVE" Channels. If we have to overtake, we must deliver "Job Alerts" (not Job - advts) & tie - up with BIG TVE (Reliance APAG).

Hemen Parekh

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


2 March 2010



Recruiters  rejoice – here comes  Interactive  Resume  !

enables a jobseeker to differentiate herself from all other

Like a Caterpillar morphing into a Butterfly, a plain text resume posted on CustomizeResume, instantly and automatically turns into 8 beautiful  /  analytical  /  visual graphs , right before the eyes of the candidate !

A candidate can then rearrange these graphs into any order  /  sequence she likes -  and as many versions as she likes !

It is no wonder, within a short time, candidates registered on  CustomizeResume  have sent out over  25,000  resumes to recruiters.

And Recruiters love these resumes because,

  • clicking on candidate’s name, pops-up Google search results about that candidate.

  • Clicking on any keyword in the resume, brings-up relevant definitions.

  • Clicking on the city-name pops-up the Google-Map of the residential location of the candidate.

But with new features being added every week, visitors of CustomizeResume  never run-out of surprises ! Introduction of Interactive Resume is just the beginning.

For additional information , contact

Hemen Parekh