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                                              Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.
                                                  There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"
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                                       Hemen Parekh
                                       27 June 2013

Tuesday, 1 February 1994


A client company's Name, we should see "Screens" whcih will tell us
    (1) Addresses
    (2) phone Numbers
    (3) Fax No.
    (4) Senior Executives Names (With Whom we normally deal)
    (5) Resi. Phone nos of Sr. Executives.
Business - Related Data
    . All bio - datas sent till date (Function wise/ Date wise)
    . All one - line statements sent till date
    . All candidates interviewed so far (with  remarks re : short - listing etc) date wise/ offers made
    . All executives appointed (thru us) and their date of joining in client - company.
    All executives belonging to client - co. Who have registered, with us (to ensure we do not send their Bios to the client)
    . All Purchase Orders (ESRs) Serially
    . Each Individual Pur - order - total history
    . All Advt. released on behalf of client
    . All letters written to client (Corresp. file)
    . All letters recd. from "(Scanned/ Stored"
    . Whether "3P CLUB" members & if so all membership - related information.
    . Advances (Now "Commitments Charges") received/ adjusted/ balance (Pur - order wise/ Total)
    . All Invoices raised (Appt./ out of pocket) & cheques received / yet to receive with cheque No /Amt/ date details.
    . All credit Note/ details Notes details.
    . Invoices of our Advt. Agencies (serially) Advt. wise/ Amts / due / balance/ cheques
    . Cumulative client - wise billing (Rs).
    . Cumulative Client - wise Appts (Nos.)
 Year wise Client - wise Billing/ Appt
This info. will be very useful if we ever have a system under which each one of our own mktc. Mgr is exclusively working for a set of clients. This will help us judge the Manager's "Performance".
 A "Purchaser Order" Number,
We should find
    . Status / Progress Report
    . Bios sent (date wise)
    . One line statement sent (date wise)
    . Interviews arranged / Persons interviewed.
    . Interviews feedback (Reject/ Short list)
    . Person/s appointed / joined
    . Advances (To receive / Recd/ adjusted/ To be adj.)
    . Invoices (incl. Out - of - Product)
    . Payments (recd/ balance)
    . Balances
    . Expenses incurred
    . On our own (non - reimbursable)
    . On clients behalf (reimbursable)
    . Correspondence.
Pur - Order Register / ESR Register
Serial No. wise (and therefore date wise - chronologically) file of all Purchase orders giving base/ minimum details of
    . P. O. no. & date
    . Client Co.
    . Position (No. of Vac)
    . Mode (A/ D) - Search Mode
    . Advance
    . Expected
    . Note expected
    . Client Request
    . Formal (thru Letter/ ESR)
    . Informal (Over phone/ Talk)
BY 200ming out a specific purchase order no. we should get full status/ details re : that P.O.