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                                       27 June 2013

Saturday, 27 December 2003


27 Dec 2003



“What is in it for me?”

For Sun

·     To be able to show/demonstrate to Sun’s client/potential clients worldwide, that, it is possible to develop high-end “business applications” on J2EE’S multilayered architecture (as exemplified by RecuirtGuru).

·     To prevent arch competitor Microsoft from being able to make such a claim (by ensuring that RequirtGuru switches over from Net to J2EE)
For Recruitguru

·     To be able to ramp-up development of Recruitguru as a full fledged


(especially as a pay-per-use Webservice)

before competitors (Monster-Naukri-Jobs-Ahead/Jobstreet/times jobs etc) cheep-up from behind, develop their own extraction software and “overtake” us.

Hopefully, with sufficient technical/financial/marketing support from SUN, we should be able to gain “First Mover” advantage and to able to establish Industry-standards (for online e-recruitment industry) and decide “Rules of the Game” (eg. Pay-per-use/webservice/self-service etc.)

These 9 things are essential to become Industry-leader

If, with support from SUN, we succeed in developing a world –class “Expert system” for helping corporate Recruiters, it is quite likely that SUN would like to “Show-case” RecruitGuru in all of their marketing / advertising campaigns, worldwide. This could catapult-us into the “big league”. 

Having answered

“What is in it for me?”

-    Both, for Sun & Recruitguru, next question is,

-    What kind of support/help do we need from Sun?

-    In return for such support, what do we promise/commit to SUN?

-    How long do we need such support from Sun? i.e. time frame.

What Support/Help do we need from SUN?

We would need,

-    Hardware (Servers/desktops/leased lines etc.)

-    Software (Proprietary software packages either developed by sun or third parties/licenses).

-    Technical Guidance/QA/Load Test Simulations.

-    Marketing Support

-    Promoting Recruitguru amongst Sun’s Clients/Potential clients/general business community thru

·     Printed brochures/sales literature

·     Online advertising (Sun’s website)

·     Offline advertising (print media)

·     Seminars/conventions/conferences etc etc.

And the most important/urgent support, we need will be,

-    Financial/Funding

This would primarily consist of salaries of S/w developers/HR experts/Business Analysts/QA personnel/DBA /Marketing professional’s etc.etc.

We would need to figure out,

-    How many (of each type) we need & when

-    What would they cost (Annual Salaries)

Depending upon the no. of persons proposed to be employed, we would also need to fund

·     Related Administrative Expenses

·     Related “Office-space” Expenses

We would need to project these as well.

In return for above support/help, what do we promise/commit to SUN?

Assuming that Jan-Feb-March 2004, go un mobilizing our “collaboration” with sun & mobilizing the required “Resources” 

(HW/SW/Space/Manpower), we should promise/commit to deliver/deploy following modules on Recruitguru, during 2004/2005 (i.e. by 30 March 2005):

·     GuruAd Description Module

·     Job description Module

·     Organization charting Module

·     Interview Management Module

·     Executive Profiles Module

-    Function Profiles 9aLready implemented)

-    Industry Background Profiles

-    Skills Profiles (for IT industry)

-    Compensation Profiles (Age/Ind./Func./Exp/Edu. Wise)

-    Job market Analysis Profiles (“ + Region)

-    Job Advts. (Function-wise) profiles etc. etc.

Of course, what we can deliver will largely depend upon the support/help offered by Sun.

Hr. Manish kapoor said that, he could manage to get the necessary “In –principle clearance from his bosses, within one week from receipt of our (a) vision statement (b) Technical write up.

If we send these on Monday, MK could hopefully get such “In principle” clearance, say by Jan 7th.

I suggest, we prepare & keep ready our “DRAFT PROJECT PLAN” by Jan 7th , so that as soon as we get an email from MK, we could shoot-off this plan to him. Our plan should spell-out

-    What we need from Sun (showing detailed /breakup calculations)

-    What we will deliver to sun & when (Bench-marks for development/for testing & for deployment as webservice)

The plan should clearly bring-out each & every: ASSUMPTION” including “assumed” dates for

-    Signing partnership Agreement

-    Getting/ receiving HW/SW/Funds from SUN.

Any delay in these (events) could lead to corresponding delay in “Deliverables”

Hemen Parekh


Friday, 26 December 2003


26 Dec 2003




·     This Make for interesting reading especially in list of our “initiative” to partner with Sun for development of Recruitguru.

·     You may wish to examine the technology-related & marketing (of recruitguru) related issues, in case we decide to switch over  to J2EE technology. We should write down “Advantages & Disadvantages” of such a switch & take a decision on the “Balance of Considerations”.

Saturday, 20 December 2003


20 Dec 2003


·     I enclosed updated graphs-based on homepage counter reading taken at 8am every morning.

·     I will continue to plot these manually till Recruitguru’s ADMIN TOOL can do so automatically.

These graphs indicate total extraction (including reject/duplicate) and for all subscribers put together (including)

-    3P as a subscriber

-    Online Demo database

(Where we are uploading resumes recd. Against Project Manhattan i.e. apply@3pjobs.com

·     It is over a month, since we started extraction, but it is clear that there are serious problems to be solved. You should seek help from all possible sources to find a solution, so that for each subscriber. 

Recruitguru manages to extract 1200 resumes/hour (I believe recruitguru has provision to cater to 30 subscribers simultaneously).

·     Even if our existing free trial wallas are not coming forwarded to process their private resumes in large no’s as on 17th of this month, you mentioned that we still have


Email resumes remaining to be processed on behalf of 3P (as a subscriber). You said, these have already been uploaded So, non-availability of resumes (for experimentation) is not a problem.

In addition we also have 23000 resumes which samata has downloaded from timesjobs.com We have decided to process (extract) these and put under.

DEMO database

So these too are available.

Again in last 15 days, 3P must have received 4000 resumes, which too are available for UPLOADING!