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                                       27 June 2013

Sunday, 20 October 2002



Inder, Abhi, Rajeev - Charlin, Deepa, Vikram - Sunitha, Reena

Some 2/3 years back, I sent a note to Cyril on JAWS. Please borrow from Rajeev & Read it.
Enclosed flow - chart is a schematic diagram of how JAWS is supposed to work.
Implementing JAWS, will require a combination of technical & marketing expertise, but it is more technical than marketing. So let us all concentrate on first solving all "Technical" problems that we would face in JAWS. Inder is already exploring the possibility of "Subcontracting" of the downloading of job. Advts from various jobsites.
Next, Inder will examine, if the "Composer" tool can be installed at premises of the "Subcontractor”, So that he does the total job of converting each job - advt (using composer) into our (3P) Standard Job - Advt.Format.If the party is completely "trustworthy", we may even give him the passwords to directly upload the jobs. advts on various websites (including ours), on his own.
 Abhi/ Vikram will have to develop a software (on our web server) which will automatically - and continuously prepare the "Job - Advt. Summary", as shown in enclosed flow - chart.
You will notice that, here I am asking you to reveal the identity of the "Advertising Company" - (which, we don’t do, on our website, so far). 
The reason is simple
If we want people (i.e. Jobseekers) to believe that this is a "real" / "actual" job advt., they must see the
name of the advertiser. This alone will inspire confidence. Mentioning the "Source" of each advertisement, would further boost this confidence but I am not sure of its other (negative) implications
at this stage, so, we will NOT mention the "Source", at least at this stage.
Once, we have successfully developed the "Summarizing Software",
    . We need to be ready with the "Mass - Messaging Software" (The broadcasting Software).
    . Although, on the FLOW - CHART, I have mentioned "Multi - Media Messaging",
    . It seems, that, at least to begin with, this can be a sample "MASS E - MAILING SOFTWARE"
Whether, we should use our existing web server for this purpose or we should install an there separate/    independent (-and OFFLINE?) Server, is for Abhi/ Reena to decide.
Now as far as "Broadcasting" itself is concerned, it must be in the nature of "PERMISSION MARKETING".
We MUST NOT, broadcast Job Advt. Summary to anyone without his / her express permission / request! This is absolutely essential.
If we start "Bombarding", unwilling people (with JAWS), we will suffer tremendous damage in the long - run. There will be a negative "backlash" & both, the jobseekers & recruiters will shy away from us! Our grand vision (of pervasiveness) will collapse!!
And the above - mentioned remarks, cover, and then our existing "Affiliates". They have become our "affiliates" for a specific purpose (-as explained on our website).
Now, if we want them to accept,
JAWS Summary, we must get their "Consent" once again.
It will be Inder's responsibility to obtain such "Consents" from all parties/ potential "recipients" of Jaws.
Inder will draft a "series" of "covering letters / offer - letters" - each designed for a specific TARGET GROUP.
Each offer - letter will sharply bring out the "advantages/ benefits" that the recipient will derive by
agreeing to receive the JAWS summary. Before drafting, Inder will go thru all the past "Communications" sent by me in the past to jobseekers/ recruiters & (especially) affiliates.  These are available on our Intranet.
In any case, I would like to see/ approve such offer - letters (drafts) before these are sent out.
Ideally, the offer - letter (really, offer E - mails), should incorporate the "Return E - Mail Consent"
(See what we have done in case of affiliate Colleges).
Ideally the same "CONSENT FORM" should also be on our website, so that, (individuals/ organizations, could  ALSO,      (if they wish), enter it online.
 Alternatively, when we receive their "Return E - Mail consent Form" duly filled in, we could/ should, upload it on our website, so that
    . Server knows "whom" to broadcast
    . Statistics can be maintained/ viewed.
We will discuss this entire project, next Saturday at 10 a.m. Before that, please go thru my old notes.
On Saturday, we must fix "Target - dates", for which Inder should keep ready on ACTIVITY - CHART.
Remember, we CAN (- and must) qualify for a "Case - Study" at Harvard !