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                                       27 June 2013

Thursday, 27 September 2007


Shalaka - Punam – Alex

This could have some relevance to MATCH MAKER (Which tool we have plaued to develop).

Some day, thousands of jobseekers would have downloaded "Match Maker" and hundred of these jobsskers may be"online" at the same time (on different job portals) search & "matching" the job - advts against their won resumes.We would have captured the "resumes" when they try to "Activate" this too we may also "capture" the job - advt being searched / matched by each jobseeker (using Matchmaker tool) while he is "Online" so ead user because our human job - advt "SPIDER ! Thye can "SERVE" matching job - advts to each user, as so as he comes online !

Hemen Parekh

Friday, 7 September 2007




Millions of Jobseekers currently "Wast billions of manhours on various job sites, searching for "Suitable/ Matching" jobs - jobs which match their own skills / expertise / experience education.

Jobseeks try to narrow - down their serches by applying a no. of "Search criteria". Even then, most searches end - up in hundreds of search - results requiring many hours to open/ rea each job - advt to find out which ones are "Really" suitable/ matchin.

This happens due to:-

      . Large job - advt. database on website

      . Match - making algorithm, takes into account only the "search - parameters selected by that candidate

      . No attempt (no possibility) to match that candidates "RESUME" (skill keywords) with "Job Advt" (Skill Keywords).

When a candidate opens/ reads any job advt, he is, sub - consciously doing this matching. He knows this own skills. His own skill - related keywords are already "stored" in his memory when he read a job - advt, his brain is  picking - up the keywords contained in the job - advt and match compare these (keywords) with his own "Skill keywords".

If he finds many "matches",his brain tells him that this is a GOOD / MATCHING / RELEVANT job advt and worth "applying" for.

If he finds very few "matches" then it is a POOR match & not worth considering.

It is this "keywords" match making process that takes a big time since the brian must "read and compare". This process is made "works if there are hundreds of job - advt to be "read and matched".After reading/ matching a few, brain gets tired - even slackens. Match - making process deteriorates. Quality of decisions suffer.

the "relevance" (Match Index) established by the tool.

Enable candidate to "Apply online" against any GOOD / MATCHING job advt (shown in TABULATION) - even if on that particular job. portal.

To do this, our TOOL will need to be "pre - loaded" with the candidate's full text resume, once and for all (of course, he can EDIT anytime).

But the idea is that the RESUME WILL "reside" inside the TOOL and can be carried from one job - portal to another    job portal. A candidate need not submit his resume to dozens of job - portals !

Candidates will simply LOVE such a feature !

Candidate will be required to "preload" the MATCH MAKER with this text resume first, in order to connect to IndiaRecruiter - so that the TOOL can be "Activated". The MatchMaker itself can be downloaded from any no. of  website like Download.com

No need to assign User ID/ Password but this data (stored on our server will help us to find out, "how many of  those jobseekers who downloaded Matchmaker, came back to properly submit Resume on our website ?"
Unless duly/ properly "activated", tool cannot be used.

Tool will work on feature similar to MYRIAD - however MYRIAD's negative point is selection of

      First Link         Last Link

Which is combersome ! It would be nice if we can, somehow, improve upon this feature.

Either, all job - advt. Links get pickes up automatically OR may be Cut / Paste.

Job Advts which do NOT contain advertiser's email ID will be ignored rejected.


Without advertiser's email ID our TOOL cannot forward the candidate's resume.

Point for Discussion:-

When a candidate clicks "Apply" he is ONLINE (may be on any job portal)

That might enable us to pick - up store in a database.

All the job - advts which a Candidate ever applied for, chronologically
[Database of Intentions = Job Apply History]

Trend analysis will tell us what kind of jobs, he is looking for !

This may be better than "harvesing" millons of job - advts!

Hemen Parekh