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                                       27 June 2013

Wednesday, 23 July 2003


23 Jul 2003


The New Currency of Recruitment

If plain/ unstructured email resumes are the OLD currency of recruitment, then the Image Builders are the NEW currency.

It is our objective/ goal, to replace all the old resumes. With that new resumes i.e. replace all plain/ unstructured resumes with the Image Builder Resumes.

Replace all old currency - notes in circulation with the new currency notes.

Whether, the old notes are lying with

·     Jobseekers

·     Jobsites

·     Placement Agencies

·     Employer

·     HR consultants

·     How can we do this?

·     How long will it take?

·     What will motivate the "old - currency" holders to come forward to exchange with the "New - Currency"?

·     At how many places, can we /shall we organize, such "exchange" to take place?

      (No. of currency - Exchange - Counters).

·     Why should any organisation (whether a jobsite / a placement agency/ HR consultant/ ultimate employer) want to become our "Currency - Exchange - Counter"?

What is in it for him? How does he stand to gain?

·     If we are to solely depend upon the jobseekers only to visit recruitguru.com. & exchange their old resumes with new (image builders), then how long will it take? How can we entice/ lure them to come forward in large numbers?  What incentive can we offer them? 

·     Companies which first build - up Countryside, worldwide, distribution network (dealers/ agents/ stockiest/franchises etc) for their goods/ services.

and then (subsequently), set - up DIRECT SELLING from their own website, ran into serious problems.

Distributors saw a "threat" in this move. They felt, these companies were trying to save their distribution - COSTS (declares' commissions) by passing them & booking orders DIRECTLY on their website !

These companies are having a tough time, convincing their dealers/ distributors, whom, the cannot ditch in any case!

The companies NEED these dealers for 

·     Physical distribution/ logistics support

·     After - sales - service etc.

But Company like DELL COMPUTERS, adopted a DIRECT - SELLING MODEL, from Day ONE !

DELL never appointed a single database so they had no problem - no "vested" interests to resist model change!

Purpose of this digression

In order to speed - up the currency - switch if we think of roping in many jobsites/ placement agencies/ HR consultants etc by "Licensing our GURUMINE/ GuruSearch"

(Where, each agent makes some money - a commission - either from us, or from the jobseeker),

They will strongly resent / oppose any more on our part at DIRECT SELLING ! They will gang - up, against us (from a labour UNION !).

Of course no one knows what will work & what will not work on internet. We must continue to experiment/ continue to analyze the results & continue "course correction", as we go along.

Most important thing is that obsession with "in - depth analysis", must not result into "action - paralysis".