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                                              Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.
                                                  There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"
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                                       Hemen Parekh
                                       27 June 2013

Friday, 9 August 2002


See enclosed notes (Some written nearly 5 1/2 years ago).
Most of the thoughts/ views stated are valid, even today,
We just cannot afford an army of D/E/ operators to create a CORPORATE DATABASE.
It is for cheaper to BUY such databases from MEGHA CORPO/ VIPUL ZAVERI/ PUNIT SHAH/ Ranjeet Gupta etc. etc. for whom, this is their CORE business. It is not our core !
How soon we can buy and benefit from such "bought - out" databases, depends upon, how fast you / Rajeev can figure - out a software solution to "Merge" all these different / duplicate databases into ONE/ COMMON, data structure which all of us can "access" / use from our desktops.

9 aug 2002


Abhi/ Rajeev                 

Our D/E operators are engaged in (mainly) following 2 business processes :-

    . Entering email resumes in Module 1 (Data Capture)

    . Creating "Converted Bio Data’s" (for sending to clients) - as asked by consultants
      Sometimes "Name/ Contact Info" is hidden / replaced by PEN.

Main purpose behind creation of "Converted Bio Data’s" is to vastly improve the "Presentation image”. This is COSMETIC
SURGERY RECONSTRUCTION of a resume which is UNFIT for sending to client in its original / shall by form.

For the last 3/4 years, I am not aware as to how rigorously / religiously this practice (of sending to client ONLY
the converted biodatas) is being followed. But, for the first 8 years of our existence, we followed it strictly.

These (Converted Biodatas) were highly appreciated by our Clients - In fact these (resumes) stood out so well,      
that this practice set 3P apart from all other executive search firms ! Many Corporate - Clients have personally    
spoken to me about their "Linking" our converted biodatas.

They went to the extent of saying,

"Chance of your (3P's) candidate getting shortlisted is better than candidates from other search agencies primarily 
because of your converted biodata".

Point is proved :- 

    . Quality of packaging is quite often more important than even the quality of the content".

    . We see this principle in action all around us anytime we step into a shop.

    . What works for a "Product", works equally well, even for a "Service" such as ours.

But re - packaging a resume (as a converted bio - data) is, today, a highly

    . Creative Work
    . Customized work
    . Manual Work (Labour - Intensive)

In enclosed notes, you will find some thoughts on how we can make this (conversion) process.
    . Less creative
    . Less Customized
    . Less manual (More automated)

As business grows, more & more converted biodatas will be required to be sent - out daily (- in course of time, only as emails, I hope).Unless, we partially "automate" this process I am afraid, our "Speed - of - Response" will suffer. This (manual) process may well become a bottleneck, in our, otherwise smooth / fast ORDER EXECUTION PROCESS.
Before you get going on "Semi - automating" this conversion process, you may wish to check - out "my assumptions" with our consultants/ Nirmit / Raju/ Dyanesh/ Vitthal etc.

But, one thing is clear

We must NEVER send out to Clients photocopies of original resumes! We must do a superb job of repackaging first.