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                                              Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.
                                                  There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"
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                                       Hemen Parekh
                                       27 June 2013

Friday, 30 April 1999


Send call letters to desired A/ B/ C/ R candidates mentioning
       . Date
       . Venue
       . Reimbursement
       . Position
       . Address & Candidate.
. Envelope/ label printing.
Regret letter to Interviewed / Rejected candidate
ONE LINE Statement of all A/ B/ C/ R candidates. (in short all applicants)
Floppy & above containing also
       . A rated candidate
       . B rated candidate
       . C rated candidate
Print out of executives called for Interview.
(1) Preparation of Advt. Draft.
(2) Release of Advt. in Media
(3) Receipt of Application
(4) Filling in Appropriate Box files (Position wise) Date of receipt.
(5) Rating of Applications A, B, C, R, by H.C.P/ N.H.P
       A - Excellent
       B - Good
       C - Acceptable
       R - Reject (not suitable for Advt. Position)
(6) Entering minimum data into
i.e.    - Position advertised/ Date of receipt of Applicant
         - Name of Applicant (Surname    First Name    Middle Name)
         - Address of Applicant
         - Telephone No. Office/ Residence
         - Execute code
         - Birth date / Age
         - Education qualification
         - Name of current Employer
         - Designation (Current)
         - Experience Years (Current)
         - Experience yrs (Total)
         - Function (Mktg/ Technical/ Admins/ Stores/ Logician/ Systems/ Finance etc.)
         - 3P Rating (A/ B/ C/ R)
         - Interview Assessment details


Sunday, 18 April 1999



Here is an opportunity for 3P to earn big bucks !
And, if we can earn big bucks, then you too can earn at least small bucks !!
Potential is very much there. Question is "How FAST can we exploit this potential ? "
This question is very pertinent Since all databases are "PERISHABLE" Commodities
I am talking about,  "Gross Annual Compensation" earned by corporate Executives during 1997- 1998 After many months of struggling to get Annual Reports - and then an equally long struggle to create a database (thru data - entry), we finally have a database of
    . Approx 31000 executives
    . From 902 companies
The database "fields" are
Name of Company
Name of Industry : (Mostly blank but can be quickly derived from KOMPASS database already created)
Name of Executives
       Function : Totally blank for all records
Co's Product : Totally blank for all records
Annual Salary :                     (Rs. L/Yr)
       Edu. Qualification :
Experience (yrs) :
       Age (yrs) :
Commencement of Employment (Date) :
Last Employer :
Last Designation :
I have those which can be used by us in our ANALYSIS
The IDEAL analysis would be graphical - although, in some cases (typical example : EDU, QUALIFICATION), it is simply not possible to draw a graph on the small screen of a computer, when     Axis has 50 intervals !
I feel anything more than 10 intervals may be difficult to draw - and impossible to "read"
In which case, we may have no choice but to present the analysis in a "TABULAR" form
In the enclosed sheets, I have shown how graphs & tables may appears on the screen.
Although Sajida has started preparing some tabulations, after looking at
     . The number of "Population"
     . No. of variables in each "Population" and therefore .
     . The no. of "Permutations/ Combinations" possible.
I have come to the conclusion that it is IMPOSSIBLE to prepare hundreds of thousands of tabulations manually.
    . Leave along drawing "graphs" for each of these tabulations !
    . So, presenting our findings in the form of thousands of static HTML pages is out of question.
    . What we need is a SOFTWARE that would "dynamically" generated each of these tabulation/ graph depending  upon the QUERY, and display the same.
I am NOT talking of having this software/ functionality on our WEBSITE.
Then we don't make any money !
I am proposing to put all of these (database + Software) on a CD (of course, securely encrypted) and selling each CD to corporate clients for say Rs, 30,0000 / = each.
If we can find just 100 buyers ,this means of Business of Rs. 30 Lakhs.
To market this product, we would need to
    . Advertise heavily in Newspapers/ Magazines
    . Send out 10,000 + mailers
    . Follow - up over phone
    . Give "demonstration" seminars to Personnel Managers / CEOs in 5 star hotels (followed by drinks/ dinner)
But if we come - out with a good product and come out QUICK - then there is a good chance of Success.  Of course, we would need to RISK a few lakhs of rupees on "Promotion" but then risk is an integral part of any "PIONEERING" Product.
Since the database pertains to 97-98, it is already ONE year Old ! 98-99. Annual Reports would start coming out in another 2/3 months. Thereafter, "Customers" might lose interest in such old data. Hence we must come out with this products within 2/3 weeks.
Perhaps it may not even be necessary to write a "custom" software. Could we possibly integrate some "standard statistical software package such as
       . SPSS
       . STATSOFT
I believe these packages cost between $ 500 - 1000.
Will we need an API ? And solid ENCRYPTION is a MUST although, we must provide facility whereby a Personnel Manager/ CEO can take a hard copy "PRINT - OUT" of any particular "Graph/ Tabulation" & be able to circulate amongst his colleagues for comments/ discussion
 Of course, no one would have time/ energy to print - out thousands of combinations.
I would like to discuss this with you URGENTLY.