Hi Friends,
                                              Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.
                                                  There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"
                                       With regards,
                                       Hemen Parekh
                                       27 June 2013

Thursday, 22 October 2009


Shalaka, Alex

PHASE 1 - Target

1. Standardized Page Template

We will general follow the pattern of India Recruiter, except;-

     . There will be few main links on left side for both job seekers & Corporate, including their "LOG - IN" boxes

     . We must keep rest of the links in SITE MAP. For this reason the SITE MAP LINK itself will need to be quite Prominent, so as to attract the attention.

     . Bottom line should only carry
       . Email ID
       . Phone no.
       . Fax No.
       . Contact Us

      . Right hand vertical panel should be left blank for Google Advts.

      . No logo, but (preferably) right hand top corner 9above Google Advts) on all page will carry.

        No. of online Users =
        Guests    =
        Registered User =

We need to specify freeze some corner on each page to display STATISTIC COUNTERS relating to the ACTIVITIES being
Carried out on that specific page : e.g.

       Page                                   Statistics

. Submit Resume               . No. of Candidates registered (Daily/ Cumu)

    . Post Jobs                              . No. of Corpo. Registered

    . Resume Blast                        . No. of Resumes Blasted

   . Job search                   . Job searches carried out No. of Apply online

. Customization page             . No. of Customizations Carried out by :-
       (Trial Page)                          . Casual visitors, 
                                                . Regd. Candidates
      . Resume Search                 . Searches carried out Resumes
May be same corner can be used to alternately flash "TAG LINES/ SLOGANS" (I have give 100 + to Punam) 


We should switch - over to some shade of light blue background. May be TOP BAR can be dark blue (as in case of 3P website) with the site - name in hollow / white letters.

Font Size / style

We should "standardize" a separate size style for:-

      . Site name
      . "LINKS" Names
      . Page Names (on top of each page)
      . Address Format on each page: e.g.
           Dear Visitor
           Dear Recruiter
           Dear Subscriber
           Dear Executive
      . General write - up texts on each page
      . Counters
      . Taglines/ slogans
      . Click - buttons
      . Table - columns Heading (Forms/ Search Results)
      . Field - Names (in various forms)
      . Tab titles.
Colours of Form - Tables/ Search - Tables
I suppose these will need to be dark blue (instead of current dark brown) with white letters.

Colour of general text / write ups.

If the background of all pages is LIGHT BLUE, then what colour of text characters/ alpha, will contrast and stand - Out? Black or white? Will need to be experimented.

While parsing some fields may fail to extract altogether, leaving field blank.These should be highlighted in some manner so as to draw the attention of Job seekers to these fields in order to EDIT.

Within the text resume, we should highlight (by different colour?) those "Words/ Values" which were picked up by our Parsing software & entered into "Contact Details" block.

This will go a long way to impress the candidates (-and recruiters) with the powerful logic of our parsing software.

We should not have the counter say
"No. of Jobs Posted =  

Because 99% (or more) of the Job advts. Uploaded will be thru RSS feeds (or Spiders to be developed in future) from various job portals. Therefore our counter will read :-

      No. of Jobs  =
      IT Jobs      =
      Non IT Jobs  = 

But in Admin Tool, "No. of Jobs Posted" will refer to only those jobs actually Posted by our corporate subscribers.

Same logic will apply to :-

      No. of Resumes
      IT Resumes
      Non - IT Resumes

But, we must know, how many candidates Click on our promo email visit their "PERSONAL PAGE/ MY PAGE", edit "contact Details" & then Submit.

So, we must have DAILY CUMULATIVE counts of Promo. emails sent out:-

    . No. of Positive responses  

    . Ratio = Comu. Positive Response / Comu. Promo. email sent   =     %

This ratio alone will tell us whether our "Marketing" of website thru parsing & sending - out promo email is working or not !

Unless at least 5% of candidates respond positively, we may have to think of other methods to promote our website.

Recommendation System
I have already given 2 earlier notes on the subject which are exhaustive.

which "version" (out of 3 permitted) of "Customized" Resumes, can a job seeker use while
       - Applying online
       - Resume Blasting

I have explained this to Shalaka, as follows.

Once, after creating a "Customized" version, candidate clicks SAVE a box will pop - up, asking candidate to "NAME" this version. It can be saved only after NAMING. 

When a Candidate LOGS - IN on :-
       - Job search page
       - Resume Blast Page

It is too early to talk whether in future phases of "Customize - Resume". we will have Interactive Interview Tool,with an online database of Interview Questions.

Most certainly in PHASE 1, We will not have IIT. But let us incorporate at least following :

When Employer opens a text resume (during Resume Search) keywords pertaining to ALL the 5 "Functions/ Skills" graphs SAVED by the candidate get highlighted.

Then these can be clicked to bring up "Definitions" from wikipedia/ Google Definitions.

Hemen Parekh