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                                              Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.
                                                  There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"
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                                       Hemen Parekh
                                       27 June 2013

Sunday, 28 February 2010



Tool Stops Working after 24 hrs. unless UPLOAD and SYNCHRONIZE buttons get clicked again.

We must assume that there will be thousands of small companies who do not need to / care to install "Exchanger"

    . Because, they hardly receive any text resumes thru email

    . Because they do not subscribe to any job portal

    . Because they employ 1 or 2 people every year.

For such users, we will allow to conduct Resume Search Online on ResumesExchange.com

But, They cannot download any resume, but, they can send message to those candidates thru contact me button overload/ crash the site !

Each registered user will be assigned a UNIQUE ID. Each resume that gets uploaded from this users, will carry that unique ID - so we know which / how many resumes came from where.

Allowing casual / online visitors to search resumes and send contact me messages will also serve as LIVE DEMO/ FREE TRIAL. to explain the concept of "EXCHANGER"

On Second thought, I suggest we allow a new user to download our entire online database of resumes along wife  the downloading of ECHANGER TOOL.

we will go one step further and place a prominent message (next to DOWNLOAD button) which reads
Dear Visitor :
          When you click on the DOWNLOAD button, along with the EXCHANGER tool, you will be downloading, our entire current database of resumes absolutely FREE".

I think this will be powerful incentive to join

With each jobseeker sending his resume to 100 recruiters and 200 employers, without doubt, we will get hundreds of resumes (-may be millions !) which are DUPLICATE. This is inevitable - almost certain for each & every resume that gets uploaded donated.

Should we try to remove the duplicates? I don't think we should ; for the following reasons.

We want to keep count of "No. of resumes donated/ contributed" by each user of Exchanger (daily & Cumulative) ADMIN TOOL We want to make our online database look big/ huge, etc.

    No. of Resumes (Total)

    No. of Resumes Contributed today

In "Our Subscriber" list, against each registered users' name, we want to show the "No. of resumes contributed"-dynamically.  We may even consider listing of the subscriber - names in the descending order Of the "No. of resumes Contributed". This is our method of "Recognizing" the most generous subscribers. Not only will this be a big EGO Booster but also act as a MOTIVATOR to others.
Not only on our Starting Database of 3/4 lakh resumes but on each subsequent resume contributed by any user, we must
stamp Courtesy : Resume Exchange.com

(- like what HOTMAIL did when they enabled free use of their email service) After getting uploaded, each & every resume gets downloaded. Can we place CONTACT ME button/ software on each - so that, even after downloading, every user can use if to send messages to candidates ? This can pose on enormous load on our server. But on other hand, we can capture "Who is contacting whom ? " which candidate is getting most messages ? - Even if we don't care about the content of the message.

Every morning when a user clicks on SYNCHRONIZE button, his entire resume database residing in EXCHANGER tool, will get totally replaced by the new online database getting downloaded. This is because he will be downloading 80% - 90% of the resumes AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN everyday !
I don't think this will work due to huge upload/ Downloaded we will have to make this "incremental" of last 24 hrs. 

Hemen Parekh




Some 2/3 years back, I have already penned some thoughts on this subject even prepared a U/I for a webpage.

But, during these 2/3 years, many things have changed.


    . Web has expanded many fold
    . Google has launched Google Search Appliance (GSA)

    . We launched India Recruiter.net and made available (for free download) "Resume Rater" of which, more than 13000 copies have got downloaded from various websites

    . We launched customize Resume on 14-11-09

    . We are in the process of Cleaning - up ISYS database to ensure that it contains nothing but "Resumes".

    . By subscribing to File factory.com, we enabled visitors (Of India Recruiter), to download over 3 lakh text   resumes (in batches of 1000 at a time)

    . We have already uploaded approx. 2.5 lakh text resumes on Customize Resume. com which are freely downloadable.

    . 3P are using "In Box Reader" developed by Vikram 3 years ago

    . We have downloaded software some 2 weeks back, which converts all kinds of (resume) documents into PDF Format.

    . Alex has developed a S/W which detaches all attachments from incoming emails (which are mostly resumes)

    . We have processed 14 PST files to separate out unsolicited resumes received at "Contact@3pjobs.com", during last 10 years.


    . We have thought of developing a (freely downloadable) S/W TOOL (Resume Retriever ?)
      Which Will,

      . Read all incoming emails

      . Separate "Resume" - Containing emails

      . Clean - up Resumes

      . Convert to PDF

      . "Rate" & give raw score / function - category

      . Arrange in descending order

      . Index all keywords (after removing all junk keywords)

      . Make all these text resumes "Searchable" on chosen keywords,

      . Incorporate "Resume Parser" as & when we develop.

In a manner similar to ISYS.

This is to be done by plugging in Google Search Appliance API.

    . Incorporate GuruSish/ GuruCast.

    . Make U/I, somewhat similar to the LONG TAIL RESUME

Interface as per my yesterday's note we may, at first develop such a tool and use it OFFLINE, using ISYS database TO establish that

    . It works better/ faster than ISYS
    . It is more user friendly.

If it does, then the next question is :-

Can we develop it (using Google Search Appliance API & in ASP 3.5) and make it freely downloadable for any one ?

If possible, can we use it to "disrupt" the current online / offline recruitment industry ?

In itself, "disrupting on industry", cannot be a worthy goal !

What good is an innovation, (whether disruptive or otherwise), unless it benefits the entire society?

If such a tool has to benefit the "entire society" (-even at the cost of one industry viz : Online recruitment), then such a tool, must facilitate.


This has to be the "Super - Ordinate Goal" behind the development of such a TOOL.

A somewhat sub - ordinate goal can be (to copy Google's philosophy)

"Organize Resumes & Jobs related info. of the world"

Which (info) is a tiny fraction of "All the info. of the World".
And this is how I propose we will do.

Launch www.ResumesExchanger.Com

Make this Tool (to be called "Exchanger") freely downloadable _ but after due registration and activation link. we want to capture all feature activity of each user)

The tool will lock - in (hard - coded integration) with the MAIL - BOX of each user.

This will ensure that each & every that resume / resume attachment, arriving into that mailbox (- irrespective of email ID), gets CAPTURED & PROCESSED by the TOOL.

The user cannot selectively "process" only some resumes arriving into this mailbox. He will have no control over the  processes of that tool.

The tool will need to be "activated" every morning, by linking - up with


This activation will consist of

a UPLOAD button (The DONATION button)Clicking on which will automatically "upload" onto our Server database, all the text resumes processed by the tool   Since the Previous instance.

This action will force the user to "donate" (to the central database), all the incoming resumes into this mailbox.This is the "Price" he pays.

Of course, we must make an "enabling" provision in the tool, whereby the user can, "Add/ process/ Upload"

Thousands of resumes received by him over the years and lying on his hard - disk - that is resumes received before   the installation of the tool. If we take all recruiting agencies & Employers, this fig. would run into MILLIONS! -Thousand time bigger than Monster + Naukri !1

A SYNCHRONIZE buttonThis can be clicked ONLY AFTER clicking on UPLOAD button

When he clicks on this button, he downloads our ENTIRE ONLINE RESUMES database, onto his hard disk, and becomes a part - and - parcel of his OFFLINE "EXCHANGER" tool.

With this click, our ONLINE database on our server (which is growing every minute) his OFFLINE database in the  tool, stand "Synchronized" And this will happen, even if no resume got uploaded when he clicked on UPLOAD button !

In fact, during the very first operation of SYNCHRONIZE button, user will get to download some 3/4 lakh text resumes from our server ! ! (- changed this ideas later)

It is entirely possible that, after 3/4 weeks, he registers once again, under a different name and repeats the  mischief.

We will need to find a way to prevent this from happening. Ex. : Our S/W finding if there was any previous  installation on hard disk ? Our USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is :

"With hundreds / thousands of users, daily uploading Lakhs/ Millions of resumes, our online database is growing phenomenally bigger than Monster/ Naukri within a few days !And you get to daily download this hugely growing database, by downating/ contributing a few dozen / hundred resumes.

In this arrangement, every user if contributing a small no. of resumes but every user is getting, in return, a huge no. of resumes - FREE OF COST

After a while, you will have no need to subscribe to Naukri/ Monster/ Times Jobs and pay a huge monthly/ annual fee  running into lakhs of rupees.

In fact, within a few months, you own OFFLINE resume database will far exceed the online resume database of any job - portal in the entire world !

If you think, what resume database you currently have on your hard disk is UNIQUE and that no one else has got     those resumes, then you are sadly mistaken !

Every single resume on your hard disk is also on the hard disks of 100 other recruiters / corporate and on 5/10 job portals !

You are exchanging these picks for gold !

Resumes Exchange is designed to distribute every resume to the farthest corner of the earth ! "

Hemen Parekh