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                                       27 June 2013

Thursday, 25 March 2004


All Consultants
Once, of my advantage is that I get plenty of time to read newspapers/ magazines and dig - up information which could be useful to our business.
I recently came across some such useful info which Deepa has converted into graphs and will soon install icons on your desktops to access. These are
I.T. Jobs - who is hiring how many ?
Eighth Annual India Salary - Increase survey by NEW ITT Associates.
As far as the salary - survey graph is concerned, it should help you in properly advising your clients/ candidates,     during salary negotiations. If you feel advisable, you may even email this graph to your client.
cc : Deepa (to do needful)
cc : Nirmit    cc : Raju
IT's raining Jobs
InfoTech companies went on a recruitment binge in 2003.
While Infosys added 2,600 employees in the December 2003 quarter,
Wipro added close to 2000.
More significantly, their employee utilization rates have remained steady through the recruitment drive, which means     they have been fast expanding their client list as well.
IT Jobs - Who is origin How many ?
(Source : TOI / 15-03-2004
Company : HCL
There are 6 companies listed in the news cutting. Can you plot separate graphs for each company & put - up an icon on all consultants desktop? Icon title "IT Jobs".
Pl. plot enclosed graph & install on consultants desktop an icon titled
 "All India Salary Survey"
To make graph very legible, drop years 97 & 98.
Only keep years 99 thru 2004 but spread - out horizontally on X axis so that lines get separated a little more.
Plot 3 lines in 3 different colours if possible. If not, make dotted as shown.
Ensure to type NOTE on graph
Pl. show me before installing.