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                                       27 June 2013

Friday, 3 January 2003


3 Jan 2003



In our Masters we have

-    200 Industry Names

-    100 Function Names

Some I months back, Abhi had done an A-B-C analysis of these Industries/Functions and found that

-    80% of resumes received (whether web forms or email resumes) belonged to, may be

·     20% of “Industries” and

·     20% of Functions”

-    Absolutely No resumes were ever received against

·     50/60 Industry Names

·     0/30 Functions Names

Based on these findings, I had drawn-up a Rationalization (Reduction) PLAN. This (plastic) folder was given to SriRam/Raju, some 2 months back.

Now, we are at a stage, where we must finalize this “rationalization” by this SUNDAY. Unless we do so, we cannot proceed with some important software Tool, o which we are working for last one week.

Therefore, I suggest that 3 of you sit-down this SUNDAY and finalize the same. If you wish, myself – Kartavya-Abhi-Inder would be happy to join you. Please advice.

Although, I don’t think it is necessary, if you wish Abhi, can today once again run ABC analysis of all 72000 resumes (Industry wise/Function wise breakup). In any case, Abhi should be in a position to modify these MASTERS on Monday in

·     Website

·     Module 1/OES

·     Several Software Tools

·     Offline Job Advt / Resume CD’s   etc.

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