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Monday, 6 January 2003


 Enclosed find a conceptual framework. It is by no means "comprehensive". I am sure you can improve this.
What made me draw - up this pyramid? what "triggered" it?
I thought of this when you told me that before consultants can re - start using debugged OES, they would need to  enter, all over again COMPANY MASTER/ LEGAL MASTER. This is a colossal Waste of time/ energy - but, perhaps, cannot be avoided, at this stage.
Q -
What can we / must we do NOW, to ensure that history does NOT repeat, in case of all of our applications? Not matter how many "revisions/ debugging" these applications may have to undergo?
Possible Answer?
MASTERS/ DATABASES/ SOFTWARE TOOLS must not be an integral - part of ANY application. These must be stand along / isolated. Any user/ user - group should be able to use any application any time. and any way (LAN/WAN/Dedicated Line/ VPN/Wireless devices etc. etc), without having to meddle with
    . Masters
    . Databases
    . Software Tools
All of which must independently work in the background.
No user should be able to add/ edit/ modify/ delete, any Masters/ Databases/ Tools.
Our Data/ Network SECURITY SYSTEM, Should only define, Who (user/ user group) can access & use, what/ which application & how (local/ remote etc). And it must keep a log of every use by every user (transactions/ mouse - clicks / key strokes).
 "MASTERS" will flow to databases/ software Tools & Applications but independently "reside" somewhere else - beyond every user's "REACH" ! only DBA can touch them.
 Perhaps, we can allow 3P's own employees to be able to "see/ view" these MASTERS and suggest additions/ detections/ modifications to DBA, only who has "access" to the masters.
When a "Developer" designs a new application/ software tool/ database, he should not have to worry/ think about the MASTERS.
 And obviously, a MASTER remains a MASTER, irrespective of the application!
 You cannot have "separate" Company - Masters for
    . Member Database
    . Non Member Database
    . Module 1
    . OES
    . Compiler
    . Manhattan
    . Jaws
    . Web service    etc.
cc: Raju - Sri Ram - Nirmit
cc: Kartavya - Inder - Reena
cc: Deepa - Reji - Vikram – Sunitha


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