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Sunday, 31 August 2003


31 Aug 2003



In internet world (of e-commerce), if you are not one step ahead of competitors then you are two steps behind them.

In my recent note on “positioning of Recruitguru, I talked of

·     Carving out a brand new “territory” totally different from that of Monster/naukri etc.

·     Create a new ‘Industry –standard” as for as image Builder is concerned

·     Set our own “rules” of the game.

·     Not to take our battle to Monster/Naukri’s territory.

·     Create a whole new set of “Allies/Affiliates/Partners” either for content creation or for delivery of our content enclosed chart & news cuttings must be read in this perspective (of wanting to differentiate recruitguru from the likes of Monster/Naukri).

Today Monster/naukri are delivering job alerts as emails over internet/desktop once a day?

Then the recipient logs into concerned website browses the Job-advt. & may “apply online” if he has already deposited his resume earlier.

This is the TRADITIONAL method used by all jobsites including 3Pjobs.com in past. In fact we wore the pioneers in India!

If by now, 3Pjobs.com had grown even half the size of Naukri/Monster, then we would think ten times (not just twice) before jettisoning/ditching this method of job alert!

If would be too much of a risk to make a sudden course correction to switch over to an altogether different new

·     Delivery Mechanism

·     Device

Fortunately for us, 3Pjobs.com remained an insignificant player amongst India jobsites. All those, who came much later, overtook 3Pjobs.com (in terms of no. of resumes/revenues etc.)

So much so that some 8/10 months ago we decided to remove all candidate related & customer related “Services” from 3Pjobs.com (job posting/Resume posting/job search/Resume Search).

So, 3Pjobs.com is not even in the running (by self-volition) as far as monster/Naukri etc. is concerned.

So recruitguru does not carry any historical baggage, any legacy. It is not hand-bound by what 3Pjobs did in the past. It is a clean break (internally) and as far as outside world is concerned, there is no “connection” between 3Pjobs & recruitguru.

This gives recruitguru a lot of “freedom” of movement / action / innovation / experimentation.

Recruitguru does NOT have to worry about any “fall out” (of such an experimentation) on any existing “customer base, because it has no existing customers!

And that experiment should be such that it enables recruitguru to leapfrog monster/Naukri and came out a virgin territory.

And I firmly believe that experiment is to deliver job alerts as SMS on cell-phones. Something which monster/Naukri do not seem to have attempted so far (but tomorrow, they can!)

In the enclosed chart I have put forward my arguments in favour of this proposal.

A cell phone job alert has an element of “instant gratification” no matter where you happen to be. You are not tied to a desk a PC, an internet connection. You are not “tethered” by a wire.

An executive may find it inconvenient to log into his “private mailbox” during office hours but it is quit different with a SMS. It is so convenient and so “private” (even if you are sitting in front of your boss or with 5 colleagues in a meeting).

And an sms does not cause you any inconvenience, even if you are travelling to another city.

And cell phone as a “medium” as an internet Access Device” is going grow 10 TIMES as fast as a PC! Soon 20 TIMES!

We can ill-afford to ignore this device and this delivery mechanism where computers & tele-communications are going to CONVERGE.
It is not going to be a PC but a cell phone which is going to be the device of CHOICE for the young generation. We can ignore it at our own period!

So, in next 4 years 100 million Indians would want an USEFUL content delivered to them on their cell-phones.


Some 8/10 national SERVICE-PROVIDERS would desperately look for such an useful content, from content providers!

And, if “Job-alert” is such an USEFUL content which cell-phone owners want and service-providers want then recruitguru is ideally placed to deliver it!

And the obvious implication is that these 100 million cell-phone owners would have to first SUBMIT their resume to recruitguru!

And if job-alert delivery is coupled with “Apply on line feature, there is every reason would submit their resumes.

If 50% are self-employed, that still leaves 50 million!

And these are the resumes that we will “sell” (@ Rs. 10/- each) to our corporate subscribers! At one download/year for each resume, this means Rs. 50 crones/year!

If cell phones are being pressed into service by

·     HDFC bank for allowing credit/Debit card holders to make payments

·     Siddhi-Vinayak Temple to accept Rs. 51/- from devotees to perform “Pooja

Then why not for delivering “Job alerts”?

We have already downloaded 130000 job advts from Monster/Naukri in last 2 months.

In sept/Oct, I propose to raise this figure to 300,000 job advt & keep downloading @10,000/ day from various sites (including corporate sites).

We already have “AUTO-CONVERTER” software to create a “structured database” of these job-advts (to facilitate “matching” resumes with jobs).

What is remaining is one small step, viz:

-    Match/search module

-    Delivery (telecom) module

-    Accounts/Billing Module

-    Customize/configure module

-    Admin Tool Module.

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