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Thursday, 18 September 2008


18 Sep 2008

Rahul - Shalaka - Punam – Alex


·     monster.com has database of 2.4 core job - seeker resumes in the US with 1.3 lakh companies accessing them.

·     16th largest Internet site in the world.

·     Monsterindia.com has a database of 6.8 lakh resumes and is used by 1,100 companies.

·     the site receives 75,000 new resumes a month.

·     job seekers using the Internet come primarily from the IT community while the manufacturing sector largely remains out of it.

·     Focusing on software and IT.

·     Then we will look at other categories.

·     Manufacturing, Baking and Financial services, pharmacy, biotech, retailing and education.

·     Monsterindia is trying to expand operations through the government.

·     Graduate job seekers can store their resumes online to be viewed by potential ITES employers.

·     Job seekers feed in their scores secured which is the new benchmark of ITES careers.

·     Monster is standardized on MS - SQL server as the database to house all job, resume and recruiter information.

·     Microsoft software for its networking model, Companies pay Monster an access fee for searching its resume database. Rs. 1.8 lakh.

·     Companies who advertise jobs on the site "Almost 95 percent of our revenues come from these two sources, The resume search, however, accounts for the bulk of our revenues.

·     There is a huge demand for Indian database from US companies. Particularly for IT professionals. We are not too bothered about the local market. We are in a position to move the database around the globe.

·     To establish that Recruitguru is NOT a jobsite and it is a "Recruitment self service solution", we decided that there should be no public resume database on Recruitguru where we "sell" Resumes. This is fine & being implemented.

·     But now Tadanki confirms, what I have said all along viz.

·     There is big money in "selling" resumes

·     America Software companies would love the purchase.

·     At Rs. 10/ Resume, American Companies can "Buy" 20,000 IT resumes / year for Rs. 2 lakhs (and save millions of dollars in the process) our "Pay per - use" model. 

·     But, thru printout/ profile - based search, if they need to purchase only 5000 Resumes/ year, that would cost them only Rs. 0.5 lakh - instead of Rs. 2.0 lakh.

If we could offer this (Sale of Resumes at Rs. 10 each) on an independent site (jobseeker.com), than, we can target thousands of American Companies.

Points to be Noted

·     95% of Monster India's revenue come from Resume Access & Job Advt. Posting

·     Most of this comes from Resume Access (Let us assume 80% from Resume access 75 % From USA and 10% From India.  15% Job posting.

·     Tadanki says. "(For resume database search), we are not too bothered about the local market" The man’s may be 70% From USA and 10 % from India.  

·     Resume Database of Monster are USA companies! i.e. nearly 800 companies.

·     Each pays Rs. 2 lakh/ year for Resume Database search (IT guys) = Rs. 1600 lakhs / year revenue from USA  companies (Rs. 16 Crore).'Online Recruitment Market Is Set To Double This Fiscal' Sanjeev (Bhikhandani) NAUKRI   VS   Sanjeev (Tiwari)


Sanjeev (Bhikhandani) NAUKRI

·     Chasing IT / ITES/ Pharma/ Telecom/ Insurance

·     Services offered

·     Job Listing

·     Response Management

·     Resume Database Access

·     Naukri's won resume database - 5/10 Lakhs.

·     Resume Database of all jobsites Combined - 30 Lakhs.

·     Business / Revenue Model

Make money from corporate - subscribers by asking advance full year subscription of Rs.  1/3 lakhs.

·     Ditto

·     No plan (only Guru Ad will enable composing Ads for posting elsewhere)

·     At present, in a very limited manner

·     Yes - but subscriber's own/ private database search.

·     On a parallel site, primarily meant for Jobseekers, we target to have 50 lakh resumes in 5 years.

·     Ditto - except a small initial "activation fee + user LIC" & balance on "Pay - per - use"

Like other jobsites, we too will be PRE - PAID.

Hemen Parekh

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