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                                       27 June 2013

Sunday, 24 November 2002


 Kartavya, Abhi, Inder
In order to allocated our Technical - Team resources in a manager that would yielf
    . Maximum short - term benefits
    . Maximum Long - term "Competitive Advantage".
We need to debate these projects in detail & draw up priorities/ targets.
 cc : Nirmit
cc : Sri Ram
cc : Raju
In the past technical team, has, more or less, dreamed - up projects & set priorities/ targets on its own. This must change we must align tech - team resources with overall Business Objectives. Can we meet next sunday, as suggested by you?
Software Development Projects to be Undertaken/ Implemented
·     Member search
      - Resumes appear with keywords highlighted in a boxes.
      - Search by keyworlds & facility to add new keywords (with corresponding "category") to build up "knowledge -  Base"
      - ISYS type "Intelligent Spider" to alert Consultants re : suitable resumes
      - Introduction of HH3P type "weightages" (developed by Mr. Nagle) to arrange Search - results as (A) (B) (C) (R)
      - Feature to compose "Client Need" & Interest Letter" to auto email to shortlisted candidates at one stroke & facility for candidates to enter their interest (Yes/ No/ Conditional) into the SMART email respond. Respone to automatically get inesrted into appropriate screen of OES.  
·     De - bugging of OES (Sunitha)
     - Bypassing Prelim. Interview
     - Flexibility to add new/ shortlisted candidates upto "Closure" stage.
    - Ability to send - out all communications (with client or candidates) by E - mail (e.g. Proposal / SON/ Interest Letter / Invoice Reji developing as part of Member Search
- Resumes Forwarded Histroy
    . Candidate wise (Part of Janam Kundali)
    . Client Wise (Part of Janam Kundli)
      (I believe these features are already built into OES & are working satisfactory).
·     Build - up a lage NON - MEMBER database
 An "Extractor Tool" which extracts names/ details of Z SENIOR executives whose names are given under       "REFERENCE" in resumes received from Monster. Tool will "Process" these thru "Designation Splitter" & Compiler" before inserting into non - member database. Can same extractor tool extract names/ details of 21000 executives in PRIME directory just received ? If entire page is scanned/ OCR ed as ONE file ? Handeled Scanner is too slow.
See my file on "Communicator Tool".
Today, we already have
      - 3 webbased tools
      - 2 offline tools
      - 1 offline undev development
           (As part of Member - Search, emailing of Interest Leters - originally developed by Vinay in CA).
    . Should we combine all of these into one/ single tool?
    . If yes, should such tool be "offline" or "online" ?
    . Should shuch tool make provision of being able to relay / broadcast messages as
      . SMS (one eamil from PC to 1000 mobiles)
            . Voice - Mails (eg. Navinmail of Shabber Bhatia)  
            . "Job Alerts" as SMS on mobile of Candidates
            . "Candidate Alerts" on mobile of HR Mgrs.
·     Project MAHATTAN {DEEPA}
 Cheapest / automatic / perpetual/ persistent method of creating Brand - Awareness, is by sending - out thousands  of email - messages, daily to corporates & candidates.
       This can be achieved by implementing Project Mahatan, Vigorously. See enclosed diagram (Work - Flow Chart). At Bottom there is step/ process of sending - out automatic emails to corporates & candidates. These emails to corporates will be sent even if he has not
    . Signed up for "Exclusive Page"
           . Become a licencee of "Global Recruiter".
So, Project Manhattan, is independent/ stand alone of services mentioned above. Uploading ALL resumes (received under this project) on our own websites will
           . A large Member Database
           . Attract Corporates to post advt. on our site
 We must AUTOMATE the entire process & remove all human intervention.
·     EXCLUSIVE PAGE {Vikram/ Chauvlin}
 By creating such an "Exclusive Page", we are shifting our focus to "Corporates" instead of "Candidates".
I strongly feel that we should create and "Exclusive Page" for each corporate whose job - advts we are downloading/ re - composing/ uploading under Project Manhattan. This would be irrespective of whether that Advertiser Chooses to fill - up our Questionnaire or NOT. We must provide a mechanism / procedure by which a Corporate can ask us to create for him, the "Exclusive Page". Hopefully, even before he requests, we should have already created such a page and all that we need to do, upon arrival of request, is to simply email his "Password". This way, from day one,he is able to see/ view all the past / Historical recrod of
       . Resumes Forwarded History
       . Job Advts. Posted History
       . Candidate Alerts Sent History
·     GLOBAL RECRUITER (Sunitha & Vikram)_
This software Solution
    . Should enable us to "lock - in" thousands of Companies in the use of our "Service" / more business
    . Should enable 3P's recruitment processes / forms to become the INDUSTRY - STANDARD in India.
    . By being a WEB - SERVICE (ASP) should enable us to rapidly build a huge "Knowledge - Base" by drawing upon the "EXPERTISE" embodied in hundreds of HR managers, when they fill - up
    . Job Advt. Forms (Weightages/ Keywords/ Comp. Trends)
    . Org. Charts (Reporting relationship Rules)
    . Job Descriptions (Success - Probabilities / Patterns)
    . Manpower Budget (Demand Trends)
    . OET 1 (Weighages - keywords - comp. Trends)
    . Will enable us to conduct "Permission Marketing", by commencing "Resume Blasting" to "Global Recruiter" Licensees, from 1600 Partner Cybercafes under "Operation Lock - In".
    . Will enable us to launch "JAWS" to 600 Newspapers
    . Enable "Licensees" to track / monitor their search assignments on their own, on our website.
    Target Date : April 2003
·     OES V 2. 0
There is a file on this subject containing my thoughts / notes. It is very important to debate these notes with consultants & their views/ specs obtained before starting. I also feel we should use V 1.0 of OES for at least 6 months before starting work on version 2.0
 There is a file on this subject. This project will speed - up the order Execution process. Today, biodatas (for sending to clients) are converted MANUALLY by D/E operators. This is a flow process & there is no consistency - also poor quality. Consultants have to wait for long.
·     Ad - viewer (UI given to Deepa)
·     Organization - Charter
·     Job Description Creator
·     "IF / THEN" Rules Farmer
·     Keywords Frequency Plotter
·     Responsibility Extractor
I have not prepared detailed notes on any of the above but some thoughts / suggestions may be found in
    . Website V 4.0 / 5.0 folder
    . Notes scribbled in margins of all the books in my personel library
    . "Expert System" Folder
All of these are very IMPORTANT but Low - Priority projects & would require retaining 2/3 "Domain Experts" for 2/3 months to create the "SEED" of the knowledge - Tree & buying Expert - System shell.
·     Graph Generator (On Intranet Chauvli)
This will help us monitor individual and entire company performance (Target Vs. Achievement) on a cumulative, ongoing basis for parameters such as
    . Order booking
    . Invoicing
    . Net Collection
    . Outstandings
 As soon as these graphs can be auto - generated in OES (V.2), it will get dropped from Intranet, since data is auto - generated in OES, anyway,
    . All items (heads) of budgeted expenses (as per Annual Budget)
    . "Net Collection" Graph also shows "Incentive Earned" by each consultant.
·     Integration of OES with TALLY 6.0
      Idea is that we should not have to enter financial data TWICE, once in TALLY and again in OES.

·     Electronic Document Filing / Retrieval System


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