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                                       27 June 2013

Saturday, 25 January 1997


Responsibilities include sales forecasting, negotiating and closing sales and assisting customers with commercial and product supply issues.

 Ideal candidate would possess at least 5 years of post - qualification professional experience in a competitive   marketing environment.

The above position provides exciting opportunities to deal with the leading brands.

The position calls for close interaction with customers at their workplaces

A fair amount of domestic travel and occasional foreign travel are associated with the jobs.

The work culture in the office promotes the personal use of computers and E - mail with minimum secretarial assistance.

 He / She must have energy and drive to.........
Commercial Operations / Commercial activates
Sales Offices
C & F Agents
Monitoring the movement of Stocks
 Debtor Control
MIS reports

Design and Operations of..........
 He should be conversant with ___ formalities

 Preventive maintenance
Selection, installation, maintenance and trouble shooting of process - control and safety instrumentation in chemical plants.

 Experience in electrical maintenance and trouble - shooting is desirable.
The job involves implementing product line strategies and handling product quality and performance issues with customers.

 Assenting customers
Managing evaluation programs
Technical Support to sales effort
Product environment

Development and execution of Sales Strategies required achieving the overall business plan objectives.

Pre tendering
Tender Preparation
Order Execution

Familiarity with
 Developing distributor network
Formatting business
Institutional selling
Handling distributor sales

Application of IT
Proactive and business embedded role

Provide innovative IT enabled business solutions

Process Planning
Investment Planning
Capital budgeting
Project evaluation
Machine and equipment planning

Indirect and direct taxation
Centre excise Law and Procedure

Fast track
Rules & Procedures
Responsible position
Computer literacy
Necessary Prerequisites
At all levels
Excellent growth Prospects
Relevant experience
 of which, at least ---- years would be
Profile centre
Project execution
Foreign language
[Familiarity with working in a computerized environment would be an added advantage]

The mandate to manage
 Manage the external environment
Improve the bottom line
Cost - reduction
Hard - core experience
Relevant experience

Planning & design
Preparation & Checking of drawings.

 Engineering Specifications
 Shop - Planning
 Procurement schedule
 Progress - measurement system
 International standards
 International codes
 International quality standards
 To deal with clients
 Quality Assurance
 Non - destructive testing (NDT)
 Destructive testing (DT)
 Third - Party inspection

 You will need to closely liaise with.........
You will work in following areas........

Hand - on experience
Knowledge of TQM
Computer Skills

This is a senior position demanding great deal of initiative, decision - making, planning, interpersonal and managerial skills.

The ideal candidate should be a..........

Exposure to........ Will be an added advantage.


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