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                                       27 June 2013

Friday, 20 August 1999


·     Background
·     Objectives
·     Website Strategies
·     Comparison of Features
·     Integration
              . 3P Role
              . Times Role
·     Time Frame
    . 3P approached Times to provide links - on reciprocal basis - to each other's websites.
    . Times responded with a suggestion to explore possibilities of a wider strategic alliance between the two  organizations.
    . This way followed by discussions held at the offices of Times & 3P during June/ July.
    . Mr. Neville Taraporewala suggested that 3P make a presentation of its proposal to the concerned executives of Times.
·     Times
Times would like to enhance client satisfaction and advertisement income by offering a "value added - service" to the recruitment advertisers.
·     3P
         3P would like to extend its reach to a much larger Number of corporate who release job - advts in Times Group of publications.
 All business process to be centered around its Website and all revenues to arise from actins as an intermediary/ conduit/ agent between the www.timesjobsandcareers.com. Attract more & more Corporate to advertise in Print - media by providing free uploading of same Job - advts on its website.  By providing searchable database of job advts
·     Candidate Related
       . Submit Resume
       . Edit Resume
       . Job Search
·     Client Related
       . Executive Search
           . Shopping Basket
           . Order Execution
·     3P will become a strategic alliance partner of Times in matter of job - search & headhunt services.
·     In these respects, 3P will become a "Service Provide" to "times job and careers".
·     It will be 3P's responsibility to create / codify/ upload/ maintain the following databases on times jobs and careers website
       . Resume
              . Job - advt database
·     For job - advts database, 3P will scan/ upload advts.
·     For both databases, 3P will design/ maintain
              . Online data - submission FORMS
              . Online Search - engines
·     3P will modify these as & when felt necessary in consultation with Times.
·     From time - to - time, 3P will delete old/ obsolete databases from the website.

·     Whether to a Corporate or a Candidate, 3P will acknowledge each transaction as having
·     Whatever resumes have been already received by Times on its website so far, 3P undertake/ agree to codify (give search - parameters) and merge with its own Resume Database, so that all of these become "Searchable" by head - hunters.
·     3P will have no obligation into handover to Times, any resumes received by it under this strategic alliance arrangement. All of these will become the property of 3P.
·     3P will not be required to share with Times, any information/ data received by it, either from candidates or from Corporate, as a result of this strategic alliance.
·     3P will not be required to share with Times, any fees/ charges it may collect from the Corporate as a service - provider under this agreement.
·     3P will not charge any fees what - so - ever from candidates under this agreement.
·     3P absolves Times from any claim/ damages that any Corporate might demand from 3P arising out of any litigation between a Corporate and 3P, resulting from/ arising out of the service that 3P is required to perform as a result of this strategic alliance.
·     3P will not claim itself to be a Strategic alliance partner of Times in any matter/ respect other than as a "Service - Provider" for job search/ hand hunt as specified in this agreement.
·     3P will not enter into, during the pendency of this agreement, a similar agreement with any other Indian Newspaper  group without prior written consent of Times. However, 3P will be free to enter into similar arrangement with other individuals / corporate who are not in the newspaper publishing business. 
·     Times will act as a "front - end" to the services provided by 3P and act as a "facilitator" between
- 3P on one hand and
              -Candidates / Corporate on other hand
·     Times will permit/ encourage surfers to its site to access the databases created by 3P
- Without charging any fees (FREE)
              -Without requiring surfers to reveal their identities.
·     Times will supply to 3P (periodically & in electronic media) all job - advts appearing in its
·     On its own website, Times will substitute its existing data - submission forms with the forms designed by 3P.
·     Thru appropriate software solutions, times will ensure automatic & continuous transmission of all online transactions to www.3p-jobsearch.com. Such transaction could be
- Job Advt. Posting
              - Headhunt Search
              - Shopping Basket
- Job Search/ Auto Job Search
              - Resume Posting (submit) candidates
              -Edit Resume
              -e - mail
·     Times will make it clear on its website that, as far as job search & executive search is concerned, 3P is its strategic  alliance partner and will provide the necessary service to the candidates (the jobseekers) & the corporate (the headhunters) and all execution - related queries should be directed to 3P.
·     Times will make available to 3P, all the resumes received by it on its website, for codification & merger with 3P's own Resume Database.
·     Times will have no rights/ claims on any resumes posted on the website by candidates. All of these will be automatically and instantaneously passed on/ forwarded to  3P.
·     Times absolves 3P from any claim/ damage a corporate might demand from Times, arising out of any litigation between a Corporate and Time.
·     Times will not, during the pendency of this agreement, enter into a similar agreement with any other Indian executive search/ headhunting/ job search firm, without prior written consent of 3P. However, Times will be free to enter into similar arrangement with
       Event                                  Target Date
    . 3P make presentation ..............                   Aug. 20, 1999
    . Times Submit draft agreement ........                     Aug. 30, 1999
    . 3P comment on draft .........                         Sept. 5, 1999
    . Jointly finalize draft & sign                           Sept. 15, 1999
    . Jointly finalize integration - schedule             Sept. 30, 1999
    . Implement integration Schedul......                Dec. 30, 1999
    . Re - Launch timesjobsandcareers.com             Jan. 1st, 2000
3P Approach
    . Structured Form to enable direct creation of "Searchable Database"
    . Candidate decides & enters his own "Search Parameters" in the form.
    . Online allotment of PEN guaranteeing total anonymity to all
    . Online submission of resume
    . Separate forms for Software Professionals/ Other Professionals/ Fresh Graduates.
    . Facility to download Resume Form
    . Candidate selects own USER ID - PASSWORD & gets online allotment of PEN
    . Resume stays on web - site indefinitely.
Times Approach
    . Online Submission of resume.
    . Online allotment of Resume No. & Password.
    . Option of Public Vs. Private Resume
    . No separate forms for software professionals / fresh
    . No download facility.
    . Resume hosted for 3 - 12 Months.
Conflict Area
    . Senior candidates will shun "Public" option for fear of boss finding out, especially if candidate knows that his employer has "registered" with the Times website for executive - search.
   . 3P, as a recruitment firm, earns "Professional Fees" from each appointment made by client Corporation. This business model requires that the candidate - identity must not be revealed to a Corporate until & unless it accepts 3P's "terms" and agree / undertakes to pay "Professional Fees".
    . If 3P has to become a "Service Provider" to Times, this would require "
    - Elimination of "Public Resume" option
    - Online allotment of PEN to replace candidate's identity
3P Approach
    . Candidate cannot view his entire resume on website, but can see all the critical "Search Parameters"
    . He / she can modify any of the search parameters - can also cut &
    . Paste full resume in the block provided.
Times Approach
    . Candidate can view his entire resume and can selectively edit any field of his choice.
    . This is definitely a much more comprehensive approach.
    . It is also possible to completely delete.
Conflict Area
    . There is no major conflict between the Approaches adopted by 3P and Times.
    . It would be possible to evolve a new procedure which incorporates the best features from both the approaches.
3P Approach
3P has segregated jobs in four basic categories.
       . Hot jobs
       . Overseas Jobs
       . Corporate Jobs
       . Job Advts. compiles from leading
       . Newspapers & Magazines
Candidate can search on basic fields like Position/ Company/ City.
To search from the database of Job advt. Compiled from Newspapers & Magazines candidate can apply filters like
Times Approach
Times has two broad categories for the Job advt.
       . Indian Jobs
       . International Jobs
On both the databases simple search can be made using two filters.
       . Industry
       . Function
On both the databases advanced search can be made using following filters.
       . Industry
       . Function
       . Country
       . Annual Pay & Perks
Conflict Area
There is no major conflict between the Approaches adopted by 3P and Times.
It would be possible to evolve a new procedure which incorporates the best features from both the approaches.
3P Approach
Search can be conducted freely by any surfer without revealing identity.
Common Search by...
       . Industry
       . Function
       . Designation - level
       . Posting City
       . Age (max.)
       . Exp (min.)
Times Approach
Search can be conducted only by those Corporate who pays monthly/ quarterly "charges" to Register & Obtain Login Name & Password
Simple Searched by
    . Industry + Function + Designation
  Advanced search by...
    . Industry + Function + Designation
   .  Age + Exp. + Edu. Qualification options.  
Conflict Area
Times - method discourages all, but very serious and very convinced Corporate to search.
This drastically reduces traffic of corporate, & discourages "research/ experimentation". Curiosity - factor is ignored.
Conflict Area
Disappointment with search - results will lead to disenchantment on part of corporate.
Corporate cannot have "respect" for "Public" resumes! What kind of (Indian) executive wants the world to know that he is desperately looking for  a job - change?
Search must be made totally free/ unrestricted to any corporate without having to
    . Reveal identity
    . Obtain log - in name / password
    . Pay "charges"
Let there be hundreds of "headhunt" sessions on our site everyday! Ensuring "confidentiality" of resume bank should not be thru the mechanism of "restricted access" but by replacing identity/ contact information of each candidate by a unique code such as PEN.
3P Approach
At the end of head - hunt session, corporate fills - up a shopping - basket with short - listed candidates & forewords to 3P.
At this stage, corporate has to furnish all information about
    . Himself
    . Position to be filled.
In order to receive full resumes, corporate must accept 3P's "Terms".
3P conducts "preliminary" interviews of short - listed candidates & recommends to client those it consider "suitable".
Times Approach
Corporate are able to establish direct contact with the candidates, conduct interviews and offer appointment without intervention of Times.
No payment of "Professional Fees" to Times.
There is no "evolution" by Times and therefore no value addition to the selection - process.   
Conflict Area
Executive - search is not a "Core business" for Times. It is only incidental to its main business. Times supplements print - media with electronic media as a value - enhancer.
Executive search is the only and core business of 3P and website is its new business process medium.
. Corporate to conduct unrestricted headhunt on resume database (without payment of any fees) and fill in shopping basket.
       . Shopping basket to get automatically transmitted to 3P while simultaneously spending an e - mail to client saying  3P will provide the service. 3P to act as back - end service provider by attending to each shopping - basket received thru Times Website, in exactly the same manner as it does at present.
3P Approach
Upon receipt of shopping basket, 3P will send "Terms" to client.
Once terms are accepted, 3P will send detailed resumes to client and simultaneously check - out with concerned candidates their interest.
Interview interested candidates, evaluate/ assess and send recommendations to client.
Organize final interview with the client & assist client in salary negotiations.
Conduct antecedent check.
Times Approach
Times does not have any role to play as far as Order Execution is concerned since Times is not in the executive - search business.
The role of Times is limited to making available its website as a platform upon which
      . Corporate on lookout for executives
       . Candidates on lookout for jobs can find each other.
Conflict Areas
There is no conflict since Times does not wish to get involved in the Order - Execution aspect and would be happy to foreword the shopping basket to 3P for execution.
They will need to declare on its homepage that
    . 3P is the strategic partner and service provider to timesjobsandcareer.com
    . The job - advt. database & resume database on timesjobsandcareer.com are being maintained by 3P.
    . The executive - search shopping baskets filled - in by corporate Personnel Managers, will automatically get forwarded to 3P for execution.
    . As far as professional fees & other terms/ conditions are concerned, the Personnel Manager would have to settle these directly with 3P.
    . The services rendered by 3P to the jobseekers (creation/ maintenance of resume database/ conducting organizing  interviews with their clients) is absolutely FREE.
    . Times jobs and careers is neither a party to nor responsible for any agreement reached between a Personnel